Perfect Watch Gift Options By Filippo Loreti

Perfect Watch Gift Options By Filippo Loreti - Filippo Loreti

With the holidays on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. In this article, we’ll discuss some reasons why premium watches make the perfect gift for him and present some stunning watch gift examples. 

Watch Gift Options By Filippo Loreti

Getting a gift for a man isn’t always easy - after all, there are only so many pairs of socks or neckties that he can wear in a year.

Among the other ‘safe bets’ when it comes to gifts for him (wallet, whiskey, gift card, etc.), luxury watches have always been at the very top of the list. Sadly though, these exclusive and overpriced status symbols have traditionally been too expensive for most people to even consider giving as a gift. 

But not anymore! Thanks to new and innovative watchmakers like Filippo Loreti, premium watches to gift are now a realistic and affordable option. From classy and elegant dress watches to sporty and sophisticated dive, military, or racing watches, there’s now a huge range of attractive styles, colors, and movement types to choose from. 

It’s only left to you to find the ideal fashion watch to match his personality, as well as taking the occasion into consideration when considering a watch as a gift. 

Watch Gift Ideas For Different Occasions

Life milestones such as weddings, graduations, and anniversaries lean toward a more formal style, something that will stand the test of time and capture the moment for decades to come. 

Think neutral colors, classic design, and leather strap, perhaps with a cultural or historical connection that symbolises the man and the milestone that he has achieved. You could also consider a unique engraving on the case back to commemorate the occasion and add a personal touch. 

On the other hand, occasions like birthdays, holidays, and ‘just because’ offer more freedom of choice, where you can really speak to his character. 

For example, if he’s into things like engineering, cars, and tech, you can consider a complex and colorful racing or dive watch that appeals to his love for details and gadgets. If he’s more of an outdoors type, then a rugged military or aviator watch in green or black will showcase his masculine side. 

Whatever kind of man he is, there’s now an affordable premium watch that’s perfect for him, you just have to find it! To give you a helping hand, let’s check out 6 stunning examples by Filippo Loreti. 

6 Perfect Watches To Gift By Filippo Loreti

1. Odyssey Two Tone Green Link Watch

Odyssey Two Tone Green Link

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Naturally, we start with one of the biggest current trends in premium watches, a green-dial watch

The Odyssey is one of Filippo Loreti’s all-time best-sellers, with its classic Italian Riviera style delivering just the right mix of sporty and elegant. The Odyssey Two Tone Green Link takes this to the next level with an eye-catching emerald green dial, regally offset by rich gold and silver hues. 

Featuring an advanced chronograph functionality, unbreakable sapphire-coated mineral glass, and a nod to its diving heritage with two seahorses intricately engraved on the case back, this would make a treasured, life-long gift suitable for any occasion. And the price? A snip at just €223.

2. Arsenal Black Gold Watch

Arsenal Black Gold

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An automatic mechanical movement is a mark of true luxury, with advanced and intricate craftsmanship that has its roots in the finest traditions of premium watchmaking.

The Arsenal Black Gold is an extremely rare phenomenon in this regard - a high-quality, handmade automatic watch that’s accessible to the general public. Featuring Filippo Loreti’s most sophisticated dial yet, the Arsenal passes through the hands of over 10 watchmaking experts before it reaches you, with its complex functions working together in perfect harmony to deliver a masterpiece of mechanical beauty. 

With a sporty and tough design, this watch makes the ideal gift for the active man with a taste for the technical. And the best part? The Arsenal has a clear, see-through case back, allowing him to marvel at the elaborate interplay of tiny parts happening inside. Available for just €552, you’ll never find a more luxurious, feature-packed watch at a better price than this.

3. Venice Moonphase Blue Gold Watch

Venice Moonphase Blue Gold

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From the technical to the cultural, we head to Venice, a traveler’s dream and a city of true wonder. 

The Venice Moonphase Blue Gold is inspired by the water, the architecture, and the immense cultural heritage of La Serenissima. With a dazzling blue dial and an interesting moon phase complication that can be traced back to the very foundations of horology, this elegant and interesting timepiece is pure Italian history, down to the artful engraving of St. Mark’s Basilica on the case back.

As you would expect, the Venice comes with a handcrafted Italian leather strap in matching blue, adding another touch of class to an artful and cultured timepiece. An ideal gift for a man who loves history, learning, and travel, the Venice is now on sale for just €177. Get in quickly with this one!

4. Eterno Gilded Hazel Link Watch

Eterno Gilded Hazel Link

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The Eterno is Filippo Loreti’s homage to one of the all-time classic designs. A dress watch of unrivaled elegance and fascinating history, this vintage masterpiece is the perfect gift for the big milestone occasions in life.

Inspired by the legendary ‘Polerouter,’ the very first design by the Swiss watchmaker Gérald Genta, this timepiece evokes the golden era of air travel, a time when a flight was a luxury event to be savored rather than endured. The Polerouter was designed in the early 1950s to celebrate the opening of a new route between Europe and the Americas, directly over the magnetic North Pole, and has since become an iconic and much-sought-after design.

Taking the Polerouter’s simple and elegant features and updating them with a gilded face and advanced automatic movement, the Eterno Gilded Hazel Link is an ideal gift for a man of fine tastes and fashionable dress. With the option of a personalized note engraved on the case back, it’s easy to see why this watch, selling now for just €229, is quickly becoming a legend in its own right among a whole new generation of watch lovers.

5. Eterno Blue Diver Watch

Eterno Blue Diver

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Taking another angle on a classic design, the Eterno Blue Diver retains the vintage, minimalist aesthetic of the original Eterno and adds retro diver vibes with its old-school rotating bezel.

This simple, yet advanced timepiece features a complex automatic mechanical movement, 100m water resistance, a tasteful Italian leather strap, and an attractive dark blue color scheme that’s evocative of 1960s Sean Connery-era James Bond. Add in a powerful 41-hour power reserve to keep this treasured timepiece ticking even when you’re not wearing it, and you’ve got a practical and on-trend watch that will last a lifetime. 

While similar watches to the Eterno Blue Diver are selling for well over €1000, you can gift this masterpiece for just €229. Don’t delay though, this brand new release is selling out fast.

6. Ascari Monza Black Rose Tiger Rubber Watch

Ascari Monza Black Rose Tiger Rubber

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Finally, one for the petrolhead. Named after Alberto Ascari, the legendary Italian driver who won back-to-back World Championships in the early 1950s, the Ascari is an advanced chronograph racer with complex and sporty features. 

The Ascari Monza is a special edition of this classic design, with a dial that’s reminiscent of a retro racing car’s dashboard. Add in the cool black and orange color scheme, complete with a rugged rubber strap, and you’ve got a car lover’s dream. 

Flip the Ascari over and you’ll find an intricate artwork of the racer’s iconic, Championship-winning Lancia D50, bringing an element of grace to a masculine and tough timepiece. This watch would make the perfect gift for any man who loves his motorsport or is simply looking for a sporty watch to complement his active lifestyle. Priced at just €183, this is truly one of Filippo Loreti’s best value pieces and is a great option for birthdays and holidays. 

Wrap up

Finding the perfect gift has never been easier now that premium watches are available to all. In fact, with so many diverse and interesting models and colors to choose from, you can even start a dream collection for your loved one, adding to it each year with another practical and beautiful timepiece.

Are you ready to start your holiday shopping? Check out Filippo Loreti’s men’s watch collection for all of these and many, many more, and find the perfect watch gift today!