Fashion Watches to Match Your Personality

Fashion Watches to Match Your Personality

Looking to add a new fashion watch to your collection? Let’s discuss the importance of matching your men’s watch to your unique style and personality, and present a few stunning examples by Filippo Loreti.

Your choice of men’s fashion watch can say a lot about you as a person. Think about it - you’ve chosen an accessory that you’ll wear pretty much every day, to the point that it becomes an extension of yourself. Your choice needs to be practical to your daily life, but also reflect your own personal sense of style and taste.

Odyssey Two Tone Gold Blue Link Watch

Luckily, men’s fashion watches come in a huge range of styles, models, and colors to choose from, making it easy to match your personality with your choice of timepiece.

Are you an active or sporty kind of guy? There’s a cool and colorful dive watch out there for you. Care to accentuate your masculine side? Consider a rugged military or racing watch. Maybe something more discreet and minimal that’s suitable for your business meetings? There are plenty of elegant and classic dress watch options to choose from.

In this article, we’re going to discuss a few different personality types and the best quality fashion watches for them. We’ll also check out some stunning real-life examples by Filippo Loreti, a brand that has democratized premium watches with a modern and innovative direct-to-consumer model. True luxury is now accessible to all!

Ready? Let’s jump straight into it. 

Watches For the Adventurous Man

Guys who love the thrill and discovery of travel and outdoor pursuits need a tough, technical, and reliable watch that won’t let them down. An automatic movement is ideal here - this traditional but advanced mechanism is powered by the movement of the wearer, so it will keep on going as long as you do.

Arsenal Sky Blue Automatic Watch

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The Arsenal Sky Blue is Filippo Loreti’s most complex and sophisticated timepiece, and makes the ideal companion for limit-pushing adventures. With a durable integrated bracelet case design, 40-hour power reserve, complete water resistance, and 8 different functions to keep you fully informed of your surroundings, this powerful automatic offers everything the adventurous man needs both practically and in terms of style. Because it looks stunning too, featuring an ice-blue dial, maritime-inspired details, and a see-through case back for views into the mechanical wonders occurring inside.

Watches For the Sporty Man

Sporty guys require a watch that can keep up with their active lifestyles. Whether it’s running, diving, or cycling, it’s important to find a model with a rugged build, waterproof capability, and useful features such as a rotating bezel for keeping dive times. In terms of style, sporty watches are often colorful and bold, both for easy visibility during activities and for drawing attention to an active and confident personality.

We have two fantastic examples to look at here, starting with the Okeanos Blue Steel Link. This classic dive watch is the epitome of sporty style, with a tough, waterproof build and eye-catching blue dial. Durable enough to thrive in active situations but with a classic and timeless look that’s suitable for formal situations too, the Okeanos is the perfect.

Okeanos Blue Steel Link Watch

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Durable enough to thrive in active situations but with a classic and timeless look that’s suitable for formal situations too, the Okeanos is the perfect all-rounder for the sporty but stylish man. 

Then there’s the Odyssey Two Tone Gold Blue Link, which adds another layer of elegance and sophistication. Featuring an on-trend blue dial with sporty chronograph complications, the Odyssey’s complex racing-inspired design is given a luxurious twist with rich gold and silver tones. Reminiscent of fast cars, casinos, and yachts on the Italian Riviera, this best-selling timepiece is ideal for the sporty, outgoing man who’s not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Watches For the Practical Man

The type of guy who loves complex designs, engineering, and using his hands needs a sophisticated watch with lots of details and interesting functionality. At the same time, it must be robust and practical enough to survive the inevitable knocks and bumps while working on projects and be easy to clean when things get dirty. 

Here, we look to two different models of one of Filippo Loreti’s all-time classics, the Ascari. Inspired by Alberto Ascari, the legendary Italian racer who was the first to win back-to-back World Championships in the early 1950s, this technical masterpiece is an homage to the golden era of motorsport.

The Ascari Monza Two Tone Black Gold Tiger Rubber is a car lover’s dream, with advanced chronograph functionality and a busy dial reminiscent of a retro racer’s dashboard. Featuring a complex hybrid movement of quartz and mechanical, this reliable timepiece functions exactly as a mechanical should, including snapping back to zero upon the reset and sweeping smoothly rather than ticking. 

Ascari Monza Two Tone Black Gold Tiger Rubber

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Similarly, the Ascari Indigo Rose Gold Rubber is a classic racing watch, but this time with a more streamlined dial and luxurious gold and blue tones. Featuring the same durable and practical rubber strap as the Ascari above, the Indigo Rose Gold sacrifices some of the complex details and functionality in favour of a more refined, elegant look.

Watches For the Elegant Man 

If you enjoy a sleek, refined, and minimalist style, a dress watch is always a great choice. The elegant, fashion-conscious man will often require his suit and tie, which demands a classic design with a minimum of distracting features. A good dress watch should always complement formal wear rather than compete for attention, so think understated, small in size, and natural, subtle colors. 

An authentic mechanical or automatic movement is also an important feature for the elegant man who knows his history and enjoys a connection with the traditions and culture of watchmaking and horology.

Filippo Loreti’s latest release, the Eterno, is a fantastic example of the quintessential dress watch. Inspired by the legendary “Polerouter,” the very first design by the brilliant Swiss watchmaker Gérald Genta, this watch is rich in history and tradition and boasts an advanced but classical automatic movement. 

Eterno Gilded Hazel Link

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The Eterno Gilded Hazel Link is the ideal example of this, with rich, natural colors bringing an added luxury to a discreet and vintage design. Featuring a beautiful gilded hazel dial that delivers a classy, golden sheen to the face, this simple yet sophisticated dress watch ticks all the boxes in terms of looks, aura, and a connection with the foundations of watchmaking history. 

Finally, we move to a beautiful example of one of the latest trends in the luxury watch world - green-faced watches. The Eterno Emerald embraces the trend with a tasteful Italian leather strap and gilded face in a deep, emerald green, bringing an unusual and slightly eye-catching look to an otherwise understated design. The Eterno Emerald is ideal for an elegant man who is alert to trends and open to new ideas, mixing classic style with the needs of modern life.

Eterno Emerald

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Wrap Up

With so many styles, models, and colors to choose from, Filippo Loreti has made it easy to find a premium watch at affordable prices that can precisely match your style and personality. For these examples and many, many more, check out men's watches and find your fashion watch of choice today!