Green Watches

Green Face Watches

Green face watches are one of the biggest watch trends of the last decade, with many watch collectors choosing to invest in green watches because of their unique and eye-catching properties. Green evokes so many positive associations, like nature and youth and is a timeless hue that will always look good on your wrist. It’s a color for individualists and a green watch will always make a statement.

Different Shades Of Green Dial Watches

From olive green watches, to moss green dial watches and emerald green watches, at Filippo Loreti we have a green face watch in every hue. You can also choose between a green dial watch and a green watch strap, depending on what style you prefer. The palette of green watches ranges from subdued dark green, through fashionable moss green, to green with a rose gold or gold and silver accent.

Green Wrist Watches For Sport

Green is particularly associated with the military and nature, so we have a selection of green dial sports watches that have been designed for the outdoors. But don’t worry, they’ll still look good in smarter situations too. 

Our Ascari is a sporty chronograph which is guaranteed to turn heads and in green dial it’s even more eye-catching. These are watches for trend-setters and risk-takers. 

The Odyssey and Okeanos diving watches also come in varying shades of green and are perfect for deep-sea adventures.

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