Our Way

We want to make premium accessible and part of your daily life.

While major brands in our industry markup their products 8-16x of the actual cost - we do things differently.

By bypassing traditional channels, building direct relationships with the quality manufacturers and designing our products in-house, we're able to provide premium goods at down-to-earth prices.

Our Community

In late 2015 we launched a crowdfunding campaign to build Italy-inspired modern day accessories. Over the next two years more than 30 thousand people backed our ambitious vision. Today we have over 300 thousand customers who trust their style in our hands.

Since day one we fostered a two-way communication with our community of clients. Together we actively collaborate and create new and ever more exciting watch and accessory collections almost every month.

Design Inspiration

Every piece in the Filippo Loreti collection draws inspiration from many icons of Roman Empire and pays homage to the art, history and culture of Italy.

Contact us

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