Moonphase watches

Moonphase Watches

Watches with Moon Phase

At Filippo Loreti we take pride in our craftsmanship, and our collection of moonphase watches demonstrate our attention to detail and dedication to premium timepieces. Our Venice Moonphase Collection is our most iconic series of watches and has been a best-seller since it launched, and is still as popular as ever with stylish men and women. It’s a collection of understated yet premium timepieces, each featuring a moonphase indicator that has become synonymous with sophistication and style.

Reasons To Wear A Moonphase Watch

The Moonphase complication is an ancient horological science that predates the origins of the clock, displaying the phases of the moon as a timekeeping form. Once reserved for the wealthy, watchmakers have been adding moonphase dials to timepieces over the last century as a distinguishing mark of true premium style. Because of its premium connotations, a moonphase watch is the perfect addition to formal outfits and will add an element of interest to traditional dress watches. 

Moonphase Watches For Every Occasion

Our watches with moonphase complications work for literally every occasion. The sophisticated designs make them suitable for formal attire but they will also add a touch of class to casual, work and weekend looks. After you purchase your moonphase watch, you can order additional straps that will give your timepiece a completely new look. Choose from hand-crafted leather straps and Milanese mesh bracelet straps. Each one will completely change the look of your watch. 

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