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Automatic Movement Watches 

Automatic watches are a key indicator of expert watch-making and are highly sought after by watch collectors for their complex construction and interesting history. 

The workmanship involved in making an automatic watch entails extreme precision and extensive knowledge, so when you purchase a watch with an automatic movement you can be sure that you’re investing in the very best, hand-crafted timepieces. 

Unlike battery-powered or quartz watches, automatic watches have an indefinite lifespan, pausing only when you cease to wind or move the internal mechanisms of the timepiece. This is because automatic watches are powered by the motion of the wearer - if worn daily it should continue to stay accurate forever. However, if you don’t wear it every day, you can easily get it going again with a quick shake of the wrist. 

The Timeless Tradition of Automatic Watches 

We live in a time where electricity powers our lives and, while many watches have transitioned into battery-operated movements, automatic mechanisms are still found in most of the world’s most prestigious watches. Our Eterno Collection is the perfect example, using this time-honored technology to keep your watch working accurately and reliably. 

The best automatic watches are classic, timeless styles, and the Eterno is no exception. Inspired by the Polerouter, a collectors dream that’s rich in history and a true icon of the watchmaking world, the Eterno is our homage to one of the great designs, with a simple yet elegant look that will never go out of fashion.

Automatic Watches For Every Occasion

Thanks to the classic aesthetic of our automatic watches, they pair perfectly with pretty much any outfit for any occasion. Whether it be a formal black tie event, an important business meeting, or a casual dinner date, your automatic will always look the part and complement your personal style. 

Filippo Loreti has automatic watches in a range of colors and styles, all featuring easily swappable straps so you can change the look of your timepiece whenever you like. 

We realize the importance of keeping things fresh, so we always aim to keep our watches easily customizable with various strap styles!

With a little care and attention, your automatic watch will keep working for as long as you do. Choose an automatic watch for its reliability, convenience, and connection to the long and proud history of watchmaking, and you’re making an investment that you definitely won’t regret.

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