Men's watches


Get any quartz watch for $99 and Save up to $780

At Filippo Loreti you’ll discover a selection of premium wrist watches for men that will take your style game to the next level. Inspired by Italy and crafted from premium materials by world-class watchmakers, all our men’s watches have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

A style for everyone

From diving watches to sporty chronographs, at Filippo Loreti you’ll find a gent’s watch to suit your unique style. Discover highly functional chronograph watches like our Ascari, with a range of features originally designed for racing drivers, such as a stopwatch. Diving watches like our Odyssey and Okeanos are perfect for adventurous types, with luminous dials, rotating bezels and the best water resistance. Wear your Genoa or Rome dress watch with your finest tailoring to look elegant, timeless and classic. Complications like a moonphase dial which you’ll find on our Venice Moonphase will make your dress watch even more special. And if you’re into wearable technology, you’ll love our smart watches like the Renaissance Collection – a hybrid smartwatch that’s the next generation of timepieces.

Italian influence

Inspired by the rich and distinguished history of Italy and the legacy of Italian legends, no corners are cut to bring you watches you’ll love to wear. Every timepiece features fine components, precise engineering and a unique and original aesthetic. Each Filippo Loreti watch contains thoughtful details like an intricate caseback engraving that’s so special, only the wearer knows it’s there. Our luxury leather straps are hand-crafted in Florence, Italy, the world-renowned centre for fine leather. And our men’s watches are so special that they’ve won prestigious design awards and critical acclaim from the watch industry.

Limited edition models

Every Filippo Loreti collection features one or two limited edition models that are manufactured in very limited numbers. We know that exclusivity is important to stylish men, so we create pieces in numbers of roughly 1,000. That means you’re unlikely to meet anyone with the same watch as you ever again.

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