Which Watches Should You Have in Your Watch Collection?

Which Watches Should You Have in Your Watch Collection?

Looking to start an interesting and affordable watch collection? With so much choice out there, it can be difficult to know where to begin. We’re here to help with 7 fantastic examples by Filippo Loreti 

Keeping a watch collection has long been a noble pursuit, a fascinating and rewarding hobby that’s not only reserved for horology enthusiasts. Anyone with a keen sense of style and fashion should have at least a 3 watch collection to choose from, to mix and match with different outfits depending on the occasion.

Collectors box

However, there is one major obstacle to many who are looking to start a watch collection—the cost. Long seen as a preserve of the rich and famous, having a proper watch collection doesn’t come cheap, and it can be difficult and intimidating to even know where to begin. 

However, things have changed dramatically in recent times, and it’s largely down to one company. At Filippo Loretti we have a mission to ‘democratize’ watch collecting, making it an accessible and affordable hobby for the average person. And you’ve got to say that so far, the results have been spectacular. 

Filippo Loreti and Watch Collection for Beginners

The secret lies in Filippo Loreti’s direct-to-consumer model. Luxury watches have traditionally been traded through well-connected middlemen who add a hefty premium. Have you ever wondered why some watches cost more than your car? 

Sure, they can be incredibly finely-crafted, made by masters of the trade, and using very the best materials. However, people make the mistake of thinking that a higher price must always mean higher quality. 

In reality, high-end, beautifully-made watches can be made available for just a fraction of the price, especially when you cut out the middleman and bring the watch directly from the watchmaker to the customer. This is what Filippo Loreti does, and this is why more people are now collecting watches than ever before. 

With frequent new releases, a huge range of different models, styles, and interesting colors to choose from, Filippo Loreti offers the ideal way for a beginner to start their very own watch collection. 

Imagine getting ready for an important event and having a beautiful box full of stylish and sophisticated watches to choose from? 

This is now possible, so let’s check out a few watch collection must-have examples to get you started.

1. Okeanos Green Steel Link Watch

Okeanos Green Steel Link Watch

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Starting with a classic, the Okeanos is one of Filippo Loreti’s original bestsellers. A dive watch that’s just as comfortable at a cocktail party or night at the casino, Okeanos’ tough, sporty build is complemented with elegant details like an engraved case back and crown. 

This Green Steel Link version is an eye-catching addition to the current trend for green watches, and its timeless, classic style makes it a great addition to any collection.

2. Rome Blue Gold Automatic Mesh Watch

Rome Blue Gold Watch

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Automatic watches are special because of their complexity. Powered by the movement of your arm, automatics are built with hundreds of small and intricate parts, which takes hours of skilful and painstaking work to construct. 

As such, any serious watch collection should contain at least one automatic, and there is nowhere better to start than the Rome Blue Gold Automatic Mesh. This elegant timepiece was inspired by the Piazza del Campidoglio Rome and features a gorgeously artistic dial with Roman numerals and subtle date display detail. 

Paired with a tasteful gold mesh bracelet, this classy automatic will be perfect for everything from casual summer dates to more formal business events.

3. Ascari Deep Blue Steel Link Watch

Ascari Deep Blue Steel Link Watch

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This sporty mechanical chronograph was inspired by vintage motorsport, with its name coming from the legendary Italian racer Alberto Ascari. Chronographs are naturally complex and interesting to look at, and the Ascari Deepl Blue is no exception. 

With an eye-catching color combination, 3 chronograph pusher buttons, and featuring additional hands on the dial for both minute and 24-hour timing, this racing watch is a perfect combination of style and functionality, and a must-have for your collection. 

Add in the elegantly engraved case back featuring Ascari’s famous Ferrari and nod to sporting history, and you’re onto a winner!

4. Skeleton Rose Gold Blue Watch

Skeleton Rose Gold Blue Watch

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Looking for something truly special to add to your watch collection? The Skeleton makes for a great choice, with its unique dial that allows you to look into the heart of the watch and see the intricate craftsmanship that makes it tick.

This model comes in a striking blue, elegantly matched with an attractive and unusual rose gold case and strap. The case back is also see through, allowing a deeper look into the mechanical wonders occurring inside. 

The Skeleton Rose Gold Blue is a status watch that truly makes an impact, both with its eye-catching colors, and conversion starting details! A unique addition to any watch collection, and one that even the most dedicated watch nerds would be proud of.

5. Odyssey Steel Link 2020 Edition Watch

Odyssey Steel Link 2020 Edition Watch

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We could not look at Filippo Loreti watches without mentioning the Odyssey. This is the watch that took the company to the next level and announced their arrival as a serious player in the watch industry.

A vintage chronograph of astonishing style and quality, this sporty yet sophisticated watch is strongly reminiscent of the Riviera style - a masculine mix of James Bond ruggedness and cocktail party cool. With fine details such as an engraved case back and crown, as well as a gorgeous color combination of white and silver, you’d better get in quick to add this particular Odyssey to your watch collection. 

6. Venice Moonphase Rose Gold Watch

Venice Moonphase Rose Gold Blue Watch

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Another blue beauty! The Venice Moonsphase is extremely popular with collectors, who are attracted by its unusual moonphase complication and build quality that places it amongst watches in the $1000+ price range.

Strongly influenced by the City of Water, this cultured and artsy watch features an engraved artwork of St Mark's Basilica on the case back and a subtle but finely-crafted Italian leather strap. It’s perfect for traveling in the footsteps of the great explorers, discovering ancient sights and being inspired by the mysteries of days past. 

7. Ascari Two Tone Gold Steel Link 

Ascari Two Tone Gold Steel Link Watch

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Finally, we come to another Ascari. Boasting the same sporty, complex details as the vintage racing classic described above, the Ascari has a hybrid movement that combines the accuracy of quartz watch with the distinct look of a chronograph.

Less flashy than the Deep Blue model, the Two Tone Gold Steel Link pairs a classic black dial with gold trim and a silver strap, giving it a timeless look befitting of its retro motorsport background. If it’s a more discreet, elegant yet still sporty look that you’re looking for, this is the Ascari for you. 

Wrap up 

Whether you’re just starting your watch collection or have a few already under your belt, any one of these watches will make an attractive and valuable addition! 

And the best part? They are all currently on sale. Go and check out our watch collections for even more models, styles and colors, and add a new watch to your collection today!