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Building A Watch Collection

A watch is a very personal representation of your style, and will tell the world about your unique taste, without saying a word. They’re one of the easiest ways to express your taste, so look out for unique pieces that will define your style and personality. At Filippo Loreti we have a large selection of watches in all different styles and colours. There are certain timepieces that every watch collector covers, such as a diving watch, a chronograph watch, a classic day date timepiece and a moonphase watch. We have all of these at Filippo Loreti across a number of different collections for both men and women. 

Watch Collecting for Beginners

One thing to look for when you start building your watch collection online is limited edition timepieces. Limited edition pieces are a watch collection essential and you won’t regret making the extra effort to find one. While limited edition watches might be more difficult to come across, there are still some excellent options to be found. At Filippo Loreti we sell limited edition watches valued at up to $1,000+ for less than $200 by cutting out the middlemen and shipping directly to you. If you manage to get your hands on a limited edition watch, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful timepiece and the opportunity to make some money in years to come. 

A Watch Collector's Guide

Once your timepiece collection is up and running you can invest in a watch collection box. This will allow you to display your timepieces in style as well as transport them easily if you’re a frequent flyer. Whether it’s a dress watch, a sporty style or a classic icon that you’re after, you’ll find them all at Filippo Loreti. 

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