Top 5 Tips For Matching Your Watch With Your Outfit

Top 5 Tips For Matching Your Watch With Your Outfit from Filippo Loreti

Guys don’t usually wear a great deal of jewelry, so matching accessories and outfits aren’t really an everyday concern. However, we do wear our watches with pride. And on the occasions when we want to look our sharpest, our watches and our choice of clothing need to complement each other perfectly. 

Luckily, there are so many unique watch styles to choose from. You could play it safe and get a nice all-rounder. A clean dive watch in neutral colors, for example. Perhaps an elegant dress watch in gold or silver - perfect for any formal occasion. Or, you could get a complex racing or aviation watch, for those times when a more rugged look is needed. 

Obviously, the ideal solution is to have a collection of various styles, so you can mix and match based on your needs. Sadly, the hugely inflated prices of luxury watches has made a diverse watch collection an impossible dream for most people. 

Okeanos Rose Gold Blue Rubber Watch

Until now. Filippo Loreti has changed the game in the past few years by offering affordable luxury watches for between $150-$500. Finally, a collection of premium watches has become a realistic goal for the average guy! Let’s find out how to match different watches with different outfits for the best possible look.

5 Tips For Matching Watches and Outfits

Formal wear needs simplicity

If you’re at a black-tie event, your watch should blend in with your outfit, not stand out. This means neutral colors only such as white, black, silver, and perhaps a little gold. 

In terms of style, a thin dress watch with a clean face and no complications is recommended. You might be able to get away with a dive watch if it is very simple in terms of dial and color. However, it is rare to find a dive watch with a leather strap. Leather straps are the best choice in formal situations as they are subtle and classic. Match the color of your leather strap to the color of your belt and shoes for a consistent look. If this isn’t possible, brown is always a safe choice! 

Color with casual

Color in luxury watches used to be a no-no. Watchmakers are traditionalists and are notoriously slow to adapt to trends - at least until lately. In the past few years, blue watches have become increasingly popular. So popular, in fact, that they are now an accepted color in even the highest-end designs. 

The next big thing is green. You may have noticed an explosion of green among the big brands, it’s literally everywhere just now. So feel free to match your on-trend green watch with casual outfits. Green goes especially well against a crisp white shirt, bringing an eye-catching flash of color to the wrist. It’s also the perfect natural shade for active outdoor wear. 

When you’re out in casual wear, feel free to experiment with different colors.

Mix and match your straps

Changing your watch strap is easier than you think and can completely transform the look and feel of your watch. This is especially true if you’re buying a collection of watches from the same brand. Examples of different watch straps include: 

Italian leather watch strap: The classic and traditional look that’s ideal for dress and travel watches

Suede watch strap: Softer and more unique, suede watch straps get better with age and give your watch a one-of-a-kind feel

Milanese mesh watch strap: Urban and sophisticated, this tightly-woven metal band is a more subtle alternative to the traditional steel bracelet

NATO rubber watch strap: Tough and practical, rubber straps are ideal for giving a sporty, masculine feel to your racing or dive watch

Classic steel watch bracelet: Durable and comfortable, the classic steel bracelet will never go out of fashion

Skip the smartwatch if you want to impress

Sure, it’s 2022 and wearable tech is a big part of our lives. However, nothing can replace the timeless style of a classic wristwatch. If you’re out on the town, at a business meeting, or at any kind of formal event, a smartwatch just won’t cut it.

There are three different movements to choose from in a luxury watch: 

Mechanical: The most traditional and complex movement and one that is revered in watchmaking circles. Mechanical watches are high-end, but also require daily winding and care. For the most dedicated watch lovers only

Automatic: This is also a mechanical movement, but with a self-winding mechanism that’s powered by the movement of the wearer. A perfect compromise between tradition and modern convenience

Quartz: Battery-powered and a break from the fine craftsmanship of watchmaking. Luxury brands have perfected the quartz, however, and they are in demand for their high accuracy and low maintenance.

Heirloom watches get a free pass

Finally, if you have an heirloom watch, ignore all of the above. Heirloom watches are about history and family, with their own unique story to tell. This goes beyond style and into the personal. So wear your heirloom watch with pride, whenever and wherever you want!

3 Stylish Examples by Filippo Loreti 

1. Odyssey Two Tone Green Link Watch

Odyssey Two Tone Green Link Watch

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The Odyssey is a sporty chronograph inspired by the luxury holiday vibes of the Italian Riviera. This on-trend green version is complemented by rich gold and silver details, giving it an opulent, almost regal look. 

Masculine and active, this watch is best matched with white or other bright-colored outfits. With its complex, functional dial its not really suitable for very formal occasions, but would be ideal for business meetings and other events where you’re looking to make a statement. 

2. Venice Moonphase Silver Watch

Venice Moonphase Silver Watch

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The Venice Moonphase is Filippo Loreti’s flagship timepiece. It is the one that brought the company to the world’s attention and is still its most popular collection today. It is best known for its beautiful moon phase complication, an ancient form of timekeeping that pre-dates the clock.

This version comes in a stunning all-silver color scheme, offset tastefully by a classic brown leather strap. This makes it perfect for formal occasions, despite the subtle additions of day-of-the-week, date-of-the-month, and month-of-the-year displays. However, the Venice is truly in its element as a travel watch, the ideal companion for the cultured and curious man. 

3. Ascari Monza Heritage Edition Black Rose Steel Link Watch

Ascari Monza Heritage Edition Black Rose Steel Link Watch

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The Ascari is every car lover’s dream. Inspired by legendary Italian racer Alberto Ascari, who won Ferrari’s first World Championships in 1952 and 1953, this sporty collection of complex racing watches perfectly captures the golden age of motorsport.

The special Monza Heritage edition is the ultimate expression of retro-tech, with a dashboard-inspired dial offset by an elegant stainless steel chain. Its neutral colors mean that it will match perfectly with any smart-casual outfit, and its featured-packed dial provides a real talking point. A gorgeous engraved artwork of Ascari’s iconic Ferrari on the case back completes the look - this watch is steeped in racing history. 

Wrap up

Matching watches with outfits is a personal and subjective thing, but there are a few basic rules to follow. Filippo Loreti makes it easier by offering a huge range of luxury watches at affordable prices, giving you more flexibility with your watch choices. 

Check out their men’s collection for these examples and much more, and add to your collection today!