Which watch strap should you choose depending on your style?

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A watch strap can completely change the look of your timepiece and investing in a broad and diverse strap collection will increase the number of stylish combinations available to you. To an observer, the strap is often the first thing they notice, so a new watch strap can seem like you have an entirely new timepiece. Plus, watch straps are often considerably cheaper than an entirely new watch, so it’s far more cost-effective to expand one’s collection of straps instead of splurging on another watch. The best leather watch straps or watch bands in bracelet styles can be swapped and changed depending on the occasion and are a great way to give your watch a fresh new look. Discover which watch bracelet type is right for you...

Leather Watch Straps Online

Italian leather
Style: Traditional and classic

There is something so classic about an Italian leather watch strap. The refined pieces can be matched with formal outfits or your weekend attire. The handmade leather watch straps at Filippo Loreti are hand-crafted by artisans using leather from Florence, so you know they’re going to stand the test of time. Wear your Italian leather strap with a timeless and sophisticated style like the Venice Moonphase.

Style: Unique and timeless

Over time, suede watch straps will take on their own unique look and get better with age, so they’re perfect for people who like to look timeless yet slightly different to everyone else, just like our Venice Moonphase Collection. Tactile and soft, choose a color depending on your style. Something bright if you like to turn heads or a neutral hue for everyday sophistication.

Vintage Italian leather
Style: Worldly and discerning

Genoa Calendar Gold Watch For Men Women Online

A vintage leather watch strap is the perfect way to give your tailoring a cool update. With a slightly worn-in look, the strap will completely change the look of your timepiece and give it a vintage air. Choose a tan or brown one that will match with most watch dials so you can wear it with every piece.

Milanese mesh
Style: Polished and smart

Worldtimer London Watch Online For Men Women

Made of stainless steel, our mesh watch straps are a discreet and contemporary alternative to link band bracelet styles. Steel mesh straps were particularly popular back in the early days of wrist watches and have had a resurgence recently. Look out for the “Milanese,” which is characterized by a tighter, finer metal weave and “Shark Mesh” which is chunkier and looser. The former is ideal for our Worldtimer Collection and the latter is most at home on a dive watch. They’re still relatively unique and will give your looks a smart finish.

Alligator pattern
Style: Sophisticated and luxe

An alligator-print watch strap will give your watch a luxurious finish, making you look more sophisticated and refined. Perfect for people who like to inject a little bit of vintage-style glamour into their looks, they’re a brilliant leather replacement for your watch band if you fancy something a little bit different. Try it with a classic style like our Venice Moonphase for a show-stopping finish.

Style: Sporty and practical

Ascari Two Tone Black Rose Watch For Men Online

If you’re constantly in the water, playing sports or generally just being active, a rubber strap could be a smart choice. Robust and practical, you can put one on your Okeanos diving watch when you’re planning on getting wet and you’ll never need to worry about damaging leather or link bracelets. Choose a timeless color like blue or black and wear it with a sporty Ascari chronograph and it will still be office-appropriate.

Style: Casual and cool

Okeanos Steel Blue Nato Watch For Men Online

NATO straps like the ones on our Okeanos Collection will look cool and casual, whatever you’re wearing it with. Similar to chinos and military boots, NATO straps originally came from military ranks before becoming a fashionable statement. Originally created for British soldiers in the 1970s, it embodies a ready-for-anything aesthetic.