The Captivating Appeal of Men’s Watches

The Captivating Appeal of Men’s Watches - Filippo Loreti
Affordability is no longer a dirty word in the world of luxury watches. With companies like Filippo Loreti leading the way, you can now get your dream watch for a fair and realistic price. Let’s check out 5 captivating examples on sale right now. 

In an age where mobile devices are ubiquitous, it’s hardly surprising that people were predicting the inevitable end of the wristwatch. After all, why would you need one when you’ve got instant access to basically all human knowledge in your pocket? 

The Captivating Appeal of Men’s Watches from Filippo Loreti

As it turns out, however, those predictions couldn’t have been more wrong. Wristwatches, with their timeless style and rich historical background, have only gotten more popular in recent years, as people look for authenticity and individuality in an increasingly digital world. 

This has been noticed by savvy watchmakers, who have picked up on the desire for affordable luxury and created a whole new genre of beautiful watches perfectly suited for the needs of the modern man. The most famous example of this ‘new wave’ of watchmakers is Filippo Loreti.

Filippo Loreti’s Business Model

Unlike traditional watchmakers, who charge eye-wateringly high prices justified by prestige and expensive marketing techniques, Filippo Loreti has a focus on delivering the highest quality at the lowest cost. 

This means direct-to-consumer purchases, cutting out unnecessary and expensive middle-men. It means manufacture based on demand, so you know that your watch is being made just for you. It also means delivery straight from the workshop to your door, making it easier than ever to add a new watch to your collection. 

Unencumbered by the less desirable aspects of the traditional watchmaking industry (unrealistic pricing, lack of innovation, slow to embrace new designs and colors), Filippo Loreti is able to offer frequent releases of fresh and exciting designs. 

For example, rather than react to trends, Filippo Loreti now sets the trends, with the runaway popularity of its green watch collection a case in point. Once considered out of bounds as a color for luxury watches, Filippo Loreti has helped to push green firmly into the mainstream. Perhaps you’re considering a gorgeous green watch for this holiday season?

5 Best Reasonably Priced Men's Watches by Filippo Loreti

With so many styles and colors to choose from, finding the right men’s watch can be a challenge. With this in mind, let’s check out 5 of the best deals to be found at Filippo Loreti right now.

1. Venice Moonphase Blue Gold Men's Watch

Venice Moonphase Blue Gold Men's Watch

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The Venice is one of Filippo Loreti’s very first designs and was the collection that brought many people’s attention to the Italian-inspired watchmaker.

Featuring a complex dial with day-of-the-week, date-of-the-month, and month-of-the-year wheels, as well as its famous moon phase complication, it is an award-winning timepiece that is regularly compared to watches in the $1000+ range. 

The Venice Moonphase Blue Gold is an eye-catching example of an elegant watch, perfect for formal occasions as well as everyday wear. The addition of a fine Italian leather strap makes for a comfortable and stylish feel, with an unbreakable sapphire glass case designed to last wherever your travels take you.

Now available at it’s lowest ever price of just $169, there’s never been a better time to add a true classic to your collection.

2. Okeanos Classic White Link Men's Watch

Okeanos Classic White Link Men's Watch

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The Okeanos is another Filippo Loreti legend, a dive watch of outstanding quality that’s also understated enough to act as an elegant dress watch. 

The Okeanos Classic White Link is a perfect example of this, mixing classic neutral shades to produce an ornate and luxurious wrist feel. Beautiful in its simplicity, it would look just at home at a formal occasion as it would under the ocean. 

Paying homage to its rightful place under the sea with an engraved artwork of The Roman God Oceanos, who stands proudly with his trident on the case back, this is another classic example of affordable luxury by Filippo Loreti. Now priced at just $159, it makes an ideal gift for any watch-loving man!

3. Eterno Emerald Link Men's Watch

Eterno Emerald Link Men's Watch

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Green watches are a big trend in luxury watches in recent times, and Filippo Loreti have plenty of options to choose from in this most natural and eye-catching of colors. Here we have the Eterno Emerald Link, an attractive take on one of the watch-collecting world’s most sought-after designs. 

The Eterno was inspired by the Polerouter, the very first creation from the iconic Swiss designer Gerald Genta. The Polerouter was originally made to honor the first commercial flight over the magnetic North Pole back in the early 1950s, and has taken on cult status ever since.

Filippo Loreti’s homage to a classic is quickly becoming a classic in its own right, featuring an elegantly simple dial, stainless steel link chain, and a sophisticated automatic movement. An ideal gift for commemorating formal occasions such as weddings and graduations, the Eterno can be personalised with an engraved note to capture precious memories that last a lifetime.

4. Como Lake Blue Men's Watch

Como Lake Blue Men's Watch

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From the elegance of a dress watch to something more laid back and casual, the Como Lake Blue captures the luxury holiday vibes of Italy’s most famous lake. 

Created as the embodiment of the region’s ‘la dolce vita’ lifestyle, this nautical-style watch features a deep-blue color scheme, fine leather strap with stitching, polished crown, and a unique sunray finish that adds an extra gloss to the dial. 

And while it may look and act just like an automatic, the Como Lake Blue is actually equipped with the ultimate hybrid movement the combines the characteristics of an automatic movement but without all its complications. 

The perfect everyday timepiece for the cultured, sophisticated man, this newcomer from Filippo Loreti is an absolute snip at just €$139.

5. Ascari Monza Two Tone Black Gold Steel Men's Watch

Ascari Monza Two Tone Black Gold Steel Men's Watch

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Finally, one for the petrol head. The Ascari Monza is a special edition of Filippo Loreti’s Ascari Collection, named after the legendary Italian racer who won back-to-back World Championships in his Ferrari in 1952 and 1953.

Featuring a racing-inspired dial with complex chronograph functionality, the Monza is packed with features and complications that are housed inside a luxurious gold and silver casing. Interestingly, it’s movement is powered by a hybrid of both quartz and mechanical, with a chronograph that functions exactly as a mechanical would, including snapping back to zero upon reset and sweeping smoothly rather than ticking. All this without the daily inconvenience of winding and dealing with a power reserve!

Now available for just $219, this is the dream gift for the car-lover in your life!

Wrap Up

Filippo Loreti has become one of the most popular places to find affordable and luxurious men’s watches online. We hope you enjoyed these stunning examples, just 5 of many that are currently on sale for the holiday season. 

Check out Filippo Loreti’s Men's Watch Collection for even more different styles and colors of men’s watches, and grab yourself a bargain today!