New Trends in Watches

New Trends in Watches from Filippo Loreti

What are the latest trends in men’s watches? Let’s take a look at some trendy watch styles for 2021, as well as some affordable examples by Filippo Loreti. 

In today’s hyper-connected, fast-moving world, trends come and go so quickly that you barely notice them at all. Luckily for watch enthusiasts like us, we don’t have this problem.

Ascari Trendy Watch

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That’s because the world of luxury watches is an altogether more slow-paced, traditional place - most luxury watches are still powerful by mechanical technology that was first developed hundreds of years ago. But that’s not to say that new trends and innovations aren’t happening, they just take a little time to take hold as people’s tastes and preferences gradually change.

In this article, we’re going to have a look at some luxury trends in men's watches that have been on the radar for some time now but have really taken off in 2021. We’ll also check out some affordable examples by Filippo Loreti, so you can add a fashionable watch to your collection today.

Filippo Loreti’s Impact on the Watch Industry

Ever since its first collection Filippo Loreti has been changing the face of the watch-making industry. 

With an innovative direct-to-consumer model that eliminates the ‘luxury tax’ (the massive price overheads typical of luxury retail), the company promises to democratize the luxury watch industry and make premium, hand-crafted timepieces available for all. It’s fair to say that they have succeeded, with new releases coming out frequently and often selling out within minutes!

Unencumbered by the stuffy, ultra-conservative outlook of the more established luxury watch brands (although they do still pay respect to classic designs and concepts), Filippo Loreti is not afraid to celebrate new trends with bold and colorful designs. With a huge range of models and styles to choose from, on-trend luxury watches have never been so accessible to so many people. 

5 Trends in Watches For 2021

1. Watches with Rubber Straps

Although they are often overlooked as an afterthought, a well-matched strap can completely alter the dynamic of a watch. Having a few different strap styles is a great way to keep your favourite watch looking fresh and new, with Italian leather, Milanese mesh, stainless steel link, and classic suede all being popular choices. 

Ascari Navy Blue Rubber 2020 Edition

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However, with sporty dive, racing, and military watches as desirable as ever, many guys are turning to rubber straps for their practical nature and rugged aesthetic. Durable and tough, rubber straps are no longer seen as the cheap option but rather an ideal complement to an active lifestyle, matching perfectly with models such as the Ascari Navy Blue Rubber 2020 Edition.

The Ascari is a retro, chronograph-style racing watch inspired by the legendary driver Alberto Ascari. With a sporty dial, reminiscent of a racing car’s dashboard, this complex and practical timepiece looks great with a perfectly matched blue rubber strap, perfect for busy days in the garage or taking lap times at the track!

2. Green Face Watches

Green watches are hugely popular right now, with just about every luxury brand releasing a model featuring this on-trend color. 

Naturally attractive to the eye, green has positive associations with nature, youth, and luck. It’s no surprise that green has become the next ‘alternative’ color to break the dominance of the neutral shades, following in the footsteps of blue to become an accepted color in luxury watch circles. Despite this belated acceptance, green is still definitely a novelty on the wrist and is sure to get you noticed! 

Ascari Two Tone Moss

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The Ascari Two Tone Moss is an excellent example of this, featuring a darker moss shade reminiscent of British Racing Green. This color was made famous by classic cars like Jaguar and Aston Martin and is a perfect match for the Ascari’s retro motorsport inspiration. 

Similar in design to the sportier Ascari mentioned above (minus the date indicator) the silver case, along with the two-tone stainless steel strap and luxurious gold trim, nevertheless make this model a totally different beast - with a regal, almost opulent style making it more appropriate for formal occasions.

3. Multifunctional Watches

Multifunctional watches - those that are practical, yet stylish and suit a range of occasions - are on-trend for their versatility. 

Perfect for the busy man who doesn’t have the time or inclination to be constantly matching his watch to his outfit, it’s becoming increasingly common to see elegant dive watches that double as dress watches, for example, or hybrid sports watches that have a range of different functions.

Odyssey Black Sky Racer

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The Odyssey Black Sky Racer is exactly this kind of multifunctional, hybrid style, with its adventurous underwater origins adapted to become a modern racing watch. Featuring a sporty Cordura strap, complex chronograph functionality, and a sleek, motorsport-inspired design, this high-tech yet understated watch is tough enough to wear on a dive or at the racetrack but also looks great with a tux for that Q-inspired, James Bond cool.

4. Homage Watches

Rich in tradition and history that goes back centuries, the artful design and incredibly skilled craftsmanship of luxury watchmaking is rightly celebrated. Because while new and interesting innovations are always appreciated, classic and legendary designs are always on-trend.

Collectors play a large part in this - it is they that set the prices and therefore desirability of the most sought-after watches. However, not everyone can afford to shell out $45,000 for a vintage Rolex Submariner, so brands with an awareness of the culture and traditions of their industry often make tasteful tributes to the classics. 

Eterno Gilded Ash

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Filippo Loreti is no exception, with its recent release of the Eterno Gilded Ash paying homage to the legendary Polerouter, the first watch by the brilliant Swiss watch designer Gérald Genta. Designed by the then-unknown Genta in the early 1950s, the Polerouter was created to celebrate the newly opened "polar route" operated by SAS between Copenhagen and Los Angeles and was originally given to the crew of this famous flight.

Coming in a classic grey with gold trim and an Italian leather strap, the Eterno Gilded Ash is a gorgeous dress watch that is just as comfortable in casual situations, with its understated, classic look keeping a low profile on the wrist. Featuring a complex yet convenient automatic movement, this is a tasteful modern take on one of the industry’s most famous and illustrious designs and is sure to become a best-seller.

5. Blue Dial Watches

Blue watches are the perfect example of a slow-burning trend that has gradually gained acceptance in the wider luxury watch industry. Because luxury watches, especially dress watches, were traditionally made in neutral shades like white, black, and sometimes brown only. 

The rise of sporty dive watches such as the Omega Seamaster signaled a change, however, and blue has been gradually working its way into more and more models and styles over the years. 

Eterno Gilded Azure Link Blue Face Watch

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So much so that even elegant dress watches such as the Eterno Gilded Azure Link now come with a striking blue face. Like the Eterno described above, this tribute to a classic design is steeped in history and features an automatic movement - a true sign of luxury. With a two-tone gold and silver case finishing its opulent aesthetic, this blue watch is ideal for the gentleman who’s not afraid to show his confidence and worth. 

Wrap up

Trends in men's watches move slowly, so these styles are likely to be fashionable for some time to come. And with Filippo Loreti’s commitment to affordable luxury, it has never been easier to own the latest and greatest trendy watches.

Head over to the men’s Collection to find these and many more premium examples, and grab yourself an on-trend timepiece today!