Get Ready for Christmas with Filippo Loreti

Get Ready for Christmas with Filippo Loreti

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect time to treat yourself or your loved ones. One of Filippo Loreti’s premium watches at affordable prices can be the perfect Christmas gift, with a whole range of stunning examples to choose from. Let’s check out 6 of the best for this Holiday season. 

Christmas Gifts from Filippo Loreti

Is it just me, or is finding good Christmas gifts getting harder every year? The COVID-19 pandemic has made gifting things like holidays and other experiences risky, and many of us are just tired of collecting more unnecessary stuff. 

So where to find a gift that’s thoughtful, beautiful, practical, and made to last a lifetime? 

Luxury watches used to be off the table for the average Christmas gift. Unless you’re extremely wealthy, that is. With prices well into the $1000+ range, buying your loved one a Breitling or Rolex has never really been an option for the average person. Sure, there are cheaper watches available, but they tended to be poorly made knockoffs that would last a few months at most. 

Happily, things have changed in the last few years. Thanks to innovative new brands like Filippo Loreti, affordable luxury is now a thing, and gifting a beautiful watch for Christmas is a fantastic idea! With so many different styles, colors, and watch types to choose from, it’s never been easier to find great gift ideas for watch lovers. 

What is Filippo Loreti?

Filippo Loreti’s Luxury Watch Revolution has gone from strength to strength. The company has expanded its collections to include everything from fine dress watches to sporty chronographs, with a whole range of options for both men and women. Watches can be mixed and matched with different colors and straps, so you can always find the perfect style for you or your loved one. 

The Italian-inspired watchmaker is able to offer complex, handmade pieces at fair prices thanks to its direct-to-consumer business model. Having identified a trend of high-end brands charging crazy markups of 10-40 times the true value of the watch, Filippo Loreti decided to strip away the unnecessary costs to deliver similar quality at much more realistic prices. 

That means that you’re getting a beautifully designed piece of luxury that’s built to last, delivered directly to your door for under $300!

6 Christmas Gift Ideas For Watch Lovers

With so many different styles to choose from, even finding your ideal Filippo Loreti watch can be a challenge. Let’s check out a few of our faves for both men and women that are currently on sale right now.

1. Como Rose Black Link Watch

Como Rose Black Link Watch

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Lake Como is the jewel in the crown of Northern Italy, a stunning holiday destination that’s world-famous for its laid-back luxury vibes. 

The Como Rose Black Link captures this mood perfectly, featuring a nautical-style dial and elegant rose gold details. Displaying the characteristics and looks of an automatic the Como is actually powered by an advanced hybrid movement, avoiding the inconvenience of frequent attention and winding.

Finished with a polished crown, and unique sunray coating for extra gloss on the dial, the Como is designed as the embodiment of the Dolce Vita lifestyle and is now on sale at the great price of just $179.

2. Vintage Floral Caramel Watch

Vintage Floral Caramel Watch

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For those who love a splash of color, the Vintage Floral Caramel makes for an eye-catching choice. 

This retro-styled women’s watch features a playful 3D printed dial with a bouquet of flowers so vivid that they seem to pop out of the hardened mineral glass. Encased in a tough 316L stainless steel case, the Floral Caramel is durable and built-to-last, despite its delicate appearance. 

A fine Italian leather strap completes the vintage feel of this subtly feminine timepiece, which is a steal at just $109.

3. Eterno Emerald Watch

Eterno Emerald Watch

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A classic dress watch is always a great gift, especially when it’s inspired by an iconic design. The Eterno Emerald is exactly that, as well as being a gorgeous example of the hottest trend in luxury horology right now - the green dial watch

The Eterno is Filippo Loreti’s homage to the Polerouter, the first-ever design by legendary Swiss watchmaker Gerald Genta. Originally designed to honor the opening of the “Polar route,” a direct flight over the magnetic North Pole in the early 1950s, the Polerouter quickly became one of the most sought-after collector’s items for watch lovers. The Eterno takes the best of the Polerouter’s simple and elegant design, updating it with emerald green tones and a sophisticated automatic movement. 

The best part? This luxurious timepiece is far below the $500+ price you’d expect from a classic design with an automatic movement. Get it now for just $199.

4. Ascari Monza Black Rose Tiger Rubber Watch

Ascari Monza Black Rose Tiger Rubber Watch

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From simple elegance to a complex chronograph, the Ascari Monza Black Rose Tiger Rubber is a motorsport lover’s dream. 

The Monza is a special edition of this popular Filippo Loreti collection, adding even more of that retro racing feel to a dynamic and sporty watch. It takes its inspiration from Alberto Ascari, the legendary Italian racer who drove his Ferrari to World Championship glory in the 1952 and 1953 seasons. Monza was Ascari’s home track, still the home of the Italian Grand Prix today.

Featuring a dial that’s reminiscent of a car’s dashboard, complete with three chronograph hands and an engraved tachymeter bezel, the Monza’s action-packed looks are complemented by a unique hybrid movement, that functions like an automatic but has the convenience of a quartz

Now available for $195, the Ascari Monza is the perfect Christmas gift for any man who loves his racing!

5. Odyssey Two Tone Gold Blue Link Watch

 Odyssey Two Tone Gold Blue Link Watch

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Picture the scene - a gloriously sunny day on the Italian Riviera. Ferraris and Maseratis parked on narrow, cobbled streets in front of colorful old houses. High-end yachts in the marina. A crisp white shirt, Aperol Spritz in hand. What kind of watch are you wearing?

The Odyssey of course! This two-tone Gold Blue Link edition is the perfect stylish accompaniment to Italian sea and sun, featuring luxurious silver and gold trim and a stunning blue dial with chronograph functionality. Flip it over and you’ll find an engraved artwork on the case back and crown, tasteful details which only add further luxury to an otherwise sporty and masculine dive watch.

The Odyssey is one of Filippo Loreti’s original classics and can be yours for just $201.

6. Venice Moonphase Black Gold Watch

 Venice Moonphase Black Gold Watch

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We finish with the timepiece that brought Filippo Loreti to the attention of the luxury watch world, the Venice Moonphase.

Regularly compared to watches in the $1000+ range, the award-winning Venice Moonphase features a complex dial with day-of-the-week, date-of-the-month, and month-of-the-year wheels. Then there’s its famous moon phase complication, an elegant nod to the foundations of horology and a sophisticated artwork in its own right. 

This classy all-black edition comes with a fine Italian leather strap and gold details, bringing added sophistication to a cultured and artistic timepiece. Perfect for all occasions, from world travel to formal events, the Venice Moonphase Black Gold is on sale now for just $169.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect Christmas gift just got a whole lot easier thanks to Filippo Loreti. With luxury now more affordable than ever, watch-loving friends and family can even start their own collection of premium watches for every occasion. 

For all of these stunning watches and many more, check out Filippo Loreti’s men’s watch collection and grab yourself a Christmas bargain today!