Discover the Psychological Connection Between a Watch and Success

Discover the Psychological Connection Between a Watch and Success

If you’re reading this then you probably have an interest in luxury watches. People have been wearing and collecting the world’s finest examples of horology for centuries now, so it’s a wonderful hobby to pursue. You’re part of a long tradition of the most incredibly precise and innovative engineering, as well as beautiful design and a fascinating history. 

Venice Moonhase Siver Watch on a wrist

But have you ever wondered why the most successful people on the planet also share this passion? Is there some kind of connection between wearing premium watches and success? The answer might surprise you.

In this article, we’re going to discuss a scientific study that looks at the psychology of watch-wearing as a marker of conscientiousness and review some stylish and success-inspiring examples by Filippo Loreti.

Why Watches Matter

A luxury watch brings value in multiple ways. Firstly, there’s the personal satisfaction of owning something beautiful and well-made. Having something that’s made from the finest materials, designed by world-renowned creators, and bringing convenience and utility to your daily life is truly rewarding. 

Secondly, there’s the social value. People perceive your watch as having a high value, which in turn enhances their perception of you. The status that a luxury watch brings is real and can be life-changing. 

Then there’s the monetary value. Premium watches, especially unique and rare ones, actually increase in value over time. This makes your watch a great investment. You’ll also be able to hand it down to the next generation so it becomes a family heirloom full of sentimental value, too. 

These are all great reasons to wear and collect luxury watches. However, there is an even more interesting aspect of watch-wearing that you might not have considered. According to a study by Professor of Psychology David A. Ellis, regular watch wearers consider themselves to be significantly more conscientious than those who don’t wear a watch. 

Watch Wearing and Conscientiousness 

The study focused on the connection between wearing a watch and certain personality traits. Are there certain habits that watch wearers share? To find out, participants in the study were asked to complete a Ten-Item Personality Inventory (TIPI), a basic personality test that measures things like introversion or extraversion, assertiveness, conscientiousness, and more. 

Watch-wearing participants, who ranged in age from 17 to 54, showed lower levels of extroversion and openness, but higher levels of conscientiousness in things like organization, emotional stability, and even arriving earlier at appointments. “Choosing to wear a watch appears to act as a social marker for an individual who is likely to be more conscientious,” the author states. 

Is this why successful people invariably choose to wear a quality watch? Conscientiousness is a sign of self-improvement and attention to detail, key qualities for becoming successful. But what comes first, the watch or the conscientiousness? “It’s not clear whether being conscientious inclines a person to wear a watch, or whether wearing a watch makes a person more conscientious,” the author concludes. “But whichever the direction of the relationship, watch wearing is a valid external marker of both personality and associated behavior." 

5 Success-Inspiring Watches By Filippo Loreti

So we’ve discussed the reasons to wear a watch, as well as the psychological connection between watches and success. But where to find premium watches at affordable prices? 

Filippo Loreti has revolutionized the watch industry with its commitment to affordable luxury. Now anyone can realistically own a watch of physical, social, and psychological value. Let’s look at 5 of our favorite examples.

1. Ascari Monza Heritage Edition Black Rubber Luxury Watch

 Ascari Monza Heritage Edition Black rubber Watch

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Success inspires success, and there are few more successful than Italy’s first Formula 1 World Champion Alberto Ascari. This legend of motorsport was the first driver to win back-to-back World Titles and is still revered as one of the best racers of all time.

The Ascari Monza Heritage Edition Black Rubber pays homage to Ascari’s achievements with a retro-style design deeply inspired by racing. Featuring a complex chronograph dial, speedometer-style tachymeter, and intricate engraving of Ascari’s iconic Ferrari, this attention-grabbing watch is ideal for the confident, assertive man. An integrated rubber strap adds an extra touch of durability for an outdoors, masculine look. Get it quick because this limited-edition design will sell out quick at just $199.

2. Como Rose Black Link Luxury Watch

Como Rose Black Link Watch

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For something more elegant, we turn to the Como Rose Black Link. Inspired by the luxury holiday vibes of Italy’s most famous lake, this is a sumptuously opulent version of an otherwise casual nautical watch.

The Como is one of Filippo Loreti’s new collections, featuring dual chronograph hands, robust engineering for everyday wear, and a unique sunray dial. While it’s powered by a state-of-the-art quartz movement for maximum accuracy, it moves and feels like a mechanical chronograph would. This combination of old-school charm and modern convenience sets the Como far apart from other watches in its price range. 

Now available for the special price of just $179, get one now and be just in time for summer holiday season!

3. Eterno Green Diver Luxury Watch

Eterno Green Diver Watch

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Another new addition to the Filippo Loreti family, the Eterno is originally based on the Polerouter, a classic design from legendary watchmaker Gerald Genta. This diver version takes a different direction, however, channeling Rolex Submariner vibes to deliver an affordable automatic of breathtaking quality. 

With an on-trend green dial and classic leather strap, the Eterno Green Diver is the ideal watch for the discerning yet successful gentleman. Its traditional automatic mechanical movement is supplemented by a powerful 41-hour power reserve, ensuring that it keeps ticking long after you’ve taken it off. This is a retro diver that James Bond himself would be proud of, the perfect example of 1960’s cool in an elegant, masculine style. And the price? A snip at just $219.

4. Eterno Emerald Luxury Watch

Eterno Emerald Watch

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This is the original Eterno, an homage to the legendary Polerouter. With a simple, elegant design and intricate automatic movement, it makes for the perfect dress watch for more formal occasions. 

The Eterno Emerald comes in a stylish green, the hottest trend for watches in 2022. The color is accentuated by a gilded face, providing an attractive sheen and an extra sense of luxury. With a case back left free for an optional personalized note, this makes for the ideal gift to commemorate life events such as weddings, graduations, and birthdays. Now available for just $199, there’s no better time to buy the gift of a lifetime for someone special!

5. Venice Moonphase Blue Gold Luxury Watch

Venice Moonphase Blue Gold Watch

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We finish we Filippo Loreti’s flagship watch, the Venice. This was the watch that brought this young and dynamic brand to the world’s attention, the perfect example of affordable luxury in bold and bright colors. 

Featuring a gorgeous moon phase complication, the Venice Moonphase compares favorably with watches in the $1000+ range. While it carries the elegance of a dress watch, its complex dial - which also displays day-of-the-week, date-of-the-month, and month-of-the-year wheels - is perfectly suited to the man who loves to travel.

A detailed engraving of Venice’s iconic St. Mark's Basilica adorns the case back, lending an even more artistic feel to this beautifully cultured timepiece. And although it’s often compared to watches in the thousands of dollars you don’t need to worry - you can get your hands on a Venice today for the affordable price of just $169. 

Wrap Up 

You don’t have to be super-wealthy to be successful. Success is a state of mind and something that cannot be bought. However, the addition of a luxury watch has a proven connection with a successful mindset.