The Eterno: An Automatic Inspired By An All-Time Classic

The Eterno: An Automatic Inspired By An All-Time Classic - Filippo Loreti

Designs in automatic watches for men are becoming ever more interesting and innovative, but it’s important to remember the classics of days past. The latest collection by Filippo Loreti is a respectful homage to the Polerouter, one of the most iconic watches of the 20th century. 

The world can be a fickle place, especially when it comes to fashion. What was trendy and desirable just a few weeks ago can find itself quickly cast aside for the next fad, and so on and so forth until the ideas run dry and the cycle starts all over again. 

Full Eterno Automatic Watch Collection

Fortunately, luxury automatic watches for men are less prone to this kind of cheap sensationalism. Changes occur more slowly and thoughtfully (see the current trend for blue and green-faced automatic watches that has been playing out for some time now), and there is real respect for the history and craftsmanship of high-end watchmaking.

This deep connection to the past is always apparent in the industry’s reverence for classic designs. Because while trends might come and go, class is permanent - and watchmakers are never afraid to pay homage to the legends that came before them. 

Filippo Loreti’s Love Letter to the Polerouter

Filippo Loreti, a relative newcomer on the scene, has taken the luxury watch world by storm with its affordable, high-quality, and modern designs. But while the company might seem like the brash new kid on the block, showing the stuffy old traditionalists the way of the future, they too know the value of history and have released a stunning new watch inspired by the Polerouter, one of the all-time classics. 

The Polerouter is the first watch by the brilliant Swiss watch designer Gérald Genta. Back in the early 1950s, the then-unknown 23-year-old was enlisted by Universal Genève to create a watch in honor of the newly opened "polar route" operated by SAS. This opened up a vastly quicker way of travel between Los Angeles and Copenhagen, cutting 14 hours off flight time by going directly over the magnetic North Pole. The watch that Genta produced was given to the pilots and crew of the Polar Route flights, and the rest is history. 

Eterno Gilded Azure Link Automatic Watch

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Genta went on to achieve legendary status with designs like the Patek Philippe Nautilus and the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, but his first watch holds a special place in the hearts of vintage watch collectors from all over the world. 

Now, a whole new generation of watch lovers can experience the simple yet incredibly powerful vintage look of the Polerouter with Filippo Loreti’s Eterno Automatic collection. This tasteful homage to a classic timepiece brings out the very best in the original design but adds some modern touches befitting a 21st-century lifestyle. 

The Eterno automatic is powered by the accurate and ever-reliable NH35 automatic movement. Automatic watches are the best solution for men who appreciate the technical mastery and craftsmanship of classic watchmaking but don’t want the hassle of everyday winding. Automatic watches are self-winding, a complex and intricate process that is driven by the back-and-forth movement of the wearer’s arm, which the Eterno supplements with a 41-hour power reserve to keep it going even after you take it off. 

And that’s not all. Besides the additional date function, the Eterno Automatic features a beautiful second-hand sweep at 21,600 BPH, creating an attractive aesthetic which horology enthusiasts are sure to appreciate!

6 New Automatic Watches From The Eterno Collection

All models can be made even more special and unique with your chosen message engraved on the case back, whether it might be a tasteful artwork, or an important date, or a personal message to your loved one.

1. Eterno Gilded Azure Link Automatic Watch

Eterno Gilded Azure Link Automatic Watch

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Blue has been an on-trend dial color for some time now, and we love how this is complemented by an elegant two-tone silver and gold case and strap. This combination brings out the best in the Eterno, making the wearer stand out from the crowd and pairing well with smart casual or formal wear.

2. Eterno Gilded Hazel Link Automatic Watch

Eterno Gilded Hazel Link Automatic Watch

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The retro feel of Eterno Gilded Hazel Link is reminiscent of the golden age of air travel - a time where one could enjoy fine dining, a party atmosphere, glamorous air hostesses, and a real sense of occasion. With gilded golden tones adding a luxurious sheen to its classic hazel brown face, this edition of the eternal is set to become one of Filippo Loreti’s all-time classics.

3. Eterno Cobalt Silver Leather Strap Automatic Watch

Eterno Cobalt Silver Leather Strap Automatic Watch

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For the more discerning gentleman, consider the subtle tones of the Eterno Cobalt Silver, featuring a finely crafted Italian leather strap. This model is designed to blend tastefully into its surroundings rather than make a statement and is ideal for business dress, casual, or everyday wear.

4. Eterno Black Shadow Link Automatic Watch

Eterno Black Shadow Link Automatic Watch

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The jet-black dial of the Eterno Black Shadow Link makes it an ideal choice for formal wear, which demands discretion and classic style. This model is closest to the true spirit of the Polerouter, perfectly capturing the vintage simplicity of the original.

5. Eterno Emerald Leather Strap Automatic Watch

Eterno Emerald Leather Strap Automatic Watch

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We couldn’t compile a list of the best Eterno Automatics without mentioning the Eterno Emerald. Green-dial watches have exploded in popularity recently, and are especially popular with collectors looking to add something unusual to their set. With a striking green face and tasteful Italian leather strap, this Eterno automatic is sure to catch the eye!

6. Eterno Gilded Ash Link Automatic Watch

Eterno Gilded Ash Link Automatic Watch

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Finally, a return to the classic silver/gold combination, this time in an ornate and luxurious design that oozes elegance. Simple, yet decadent, the Eterno Gilded Ash Link is ideal for the gentleman who knows his worth and isn’t afraid to show it. 

Wrap up

So there you have it, 5 beautiful automatic watches, all inspired by one of the most interesting and important designs in watchmaking history. 

You might think that designs of this quality and desirability would cost in the region of $1000 or more. In fact, you’ll very rarely find automatic watches under $500

But guess what? Thanks to Filippo Loreti’s commitment to affordable luxury, you can now get yourself an Eterno Automatic from $199! Check out the Eterno Automatic Collection for all of these models and more, and get yourself one before they are all sold out!