New Watch Trends in 2022

New Watch Trends in 2022 from Filippo Loreti

With 2022 now upon us, it’s time to look ahead to the watch trends that we can expect this year. 

2021 was definitely a year of bold, eye-catching designs, as well as a lot of love for the color green. There were large watch cases, complex functionality, and bright, glossy dials. Will we see more of the same this year? What kind of watch trends should we be looking out for in 2022?

New Watch Trends in 2022 from Filippo Loreti

In this article, we’re going to discuss some up-and-coming men’s watch trends and check out some great examples by Filippo Loreti.

Retro sports luxe watches

Vintage style has always been fashionable, with watchmakers taking inspiration from iconic designs and various golden eras. 2022 looks to be the year of the retro sports watch, with old-school divers a particular favourite. 

Look for cool 1970s vibes, a classic look combined with complex functionality and modern technology. These retro classics come with a touch of luxury too, featuring mechanical movements and other fine details. Think Rolex Submariner or Omega Seamaster—rugged, masculine designs that are back in style together with the moustaches they first appeared with.

Colorful watches

Yes, 2021 was the year of green and that looks set to continue into 2022. We just can’t get enough of this eye-catching yet natural hue, which is still an unusual enough sight to really stand out on the wrist. Watchmakers are continuing to come out with some absolutely stunning green watches editions, so this trend isn’t going anywhere. 

That said, there is still room for other colors to shine too. After a difficult couple of years we’re beginning to emerge from the shadows somewhat, and that translates into our fashion choices. People are looking for bright, bold colors to raise the spirits, so expect to see plenty of blue, yellow, and even some orange too. The days of only black, white, silver, or gold are long gone—2022 is set to be a colorful year!


Perhaps one of the reasons green is so popular right now is the trend for sustainability. In terms of watchmaking, this means ethical and responsible manufacture without polluting or dubiously-sourced materials. It also means less packaging, less carbon footprint on delivery, and the introduction of materials like hemp, wood, or vegan leather. 

One of the best things that you can do to shop sustainably is to buy a high-quality product that is built to last. Disposable, cheap, plasticky watches are a waste of resources and money, so in 2022 you can expect to find better, sturdier watches that are made to last.

Smaller dials

The last few years have been all about the “bigger is better” point of view. From the Breitling Avenger Hurricane to the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime, we’ve seen some absolutely gorgeous watches coming in at well over 45mm in diameter. 

However we’ve noticed a recent change to a more conventional size, with most popular releases now in the 40-42mm range. This is a more accessible size for men with smaller wrists, and also signals a shift to a more subtle, casual style—perhaps in tandem with the trend towards color. After all, a colorful watch that is also oversized could come across as a little too much. 

On-trend designs by Filippo Loreti

If you’re looking to stay ahead of the men’s watch trends this year, there’s no better place to go than Filippo Loreti. With their innovative direct-to-consumer business model, you can now get made-to-order luxury delivered from the the workshop to your doorstep, with no unnecessary middle man or other processes bumping up the prices. 

This focus on making only what’s needed, using durable materials such as sapphire-coated glass and high-grade stainless steel, means that Filippo Loreti is already a sustainable choice. Not only are you getting a high-quality watch at fair prices, but they are built to last a lifetime too.

Let’s check out some Filippo Loreti watches that are bang on-trend for 2022.

Ascari Grand Prix GP 1951 Watch

Ascari Grand Prix GP 1951 Watch

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The Ascari is a race watch that was inspired by a true legend of motorsport. Alberto Ascari was Ferrari’s first World Champion, and his legacy lives on through this collection of complex chronograph designs. 

This Grand Prix GP 1951 edition is a colorful example of sporty luxury, featuring an innovative hybrid movement that acts like an automatic, without the hassle of frequent winding. With a deep blue dial offset by rich gold and silver hues, this is definitely an eye-catching addition to the collection and is ideal for anything from casual wear to formal occasions. 

Flip it over and you’ll find a tasteful homage to the Ascari’s retro roots—an engraved artwork of his iconic World Championship winning Ferrari. A perfect encapsulation of the year’s hottest trends, this limited edition piece is available for just $221.

Como Green Watch

Como Green Watch

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We couldn’t possibly ignore the continued love for green watches. The Como is one of Filippo Loreti’s newest releases, and it looks just stunning in a darker shade of forest green. 

Inspired by Italy’s most famous lake, the Como embodies the “Dolce Vita” lifestyle. With its nautical-style dial and laid-back luxury vibes, it’s easy to see why it has quickly become a best-seller.

This is more than just a great-looking watch though. Its durable and robust build is designed to withstand the hustle and bustle of everyday wear. Featuring 100m water resistance and an ultra-scratch resistant sapphire coated glass, the Como offers a tough, polished elegance that will last you a lifetime.

Now available for just $125, you’ll never find a better example of affordable luxury!

Eterno Blue Diver Watch

Eterno Blue Diver Watch

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Finally, we turn to a personal favourite watch. The Eterno Blue Diver is a perfect example of retro sports luxury, oozing the kind of 1970s James Bond vibes that Sean Connery himself would be proud of. 

Featuring a navy blue dial with matching Italian leather strap, this vintage design is powered by an automatic mechanical movement. Automatics are a collectors’ favourite, offering the skill and complexity of traditional watchmaking with a more convenient self-winding mechanism, powered by the movement of the wearer’s wrist. To keep it ticking long after being taken it off, the Eterno Blue Diver has a 41-hour power reserve.

Watches with this level of craftsmanship are rarely priced under $500. That’s why this retro diver is making such a splash at just $219. 

Final thoughts

2022 promises to be another exciting year in the world of watches! Filippo Loreti continues to push the boundaries with the upcoming release of new collections, designs, and colors throughout the new year. 

For these men’s watch trends and much more, check out our men’s watch collection and grab yourself a bargain today!