Buying an Automatic Watch vs Manual: Which is Better?

Buying an Automatic Watch vs Manual: Which is Better? - Filippo Loreti

There are a few things to consider when buying a luxury watch, including things like brand, quality of materials used, style, color, and so on. 

But one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make involves the inner workings of your new watch. The majority of luxury watches are mechanical, featuring complex and intricate spring-based movements that are a marvel of engineering and the pride of a watchmaker’s craft. A well-made mechanical movement allows your treasured timepiece to work flawlessly and indefinitely without ever needing to rely on an external power source. 

Quartz watches are a more modern incarnation that run accurately on battery power but are a much less common sight in the luxury watch world, which values history, tradition, and respect for craftsmanship. 

In this article, we’re going to look at the two options available when choosing your mechanical movement, and check out some fantastic affordable automatics by Filippo Loreti.

What is an automatic watch?

Automatic watches have a self-winding mechanism, getting their energy from the back-and-forth movement of the wearer’s arm. This is much more convenient for busy people who aren’t too fussed about regular contact with their watch, saving the need for manual winding. 

Automatic watches contain additional complex components that require more work and skill from watchmakers, meaning that they can sometimes be more expensive than an equivalent piece with a manual movement. If you only have one watch which you wear all the time, it makes much more sense to have an automatic movement. 

However, automatic movements are only really effective when worn daily. If you have a watch collection and you switch your watches regularly, you’ll need to wind your automatic watch every 3 days or so to keep it running smoothly. This lessens the convenience of automatic winding and should be taken into consideration.

What is a manual winding watch? 

Manual watches have fewer components and moving parts than automatics, but they feature the same complex and vintage technology that has its roots in the 17th century. These are the classic, sophisticated watches that collectors and purists love, but they do require more attention in the form of daily winding. 

This is done by turning the crown, storing up energy in the mainspring. You have to careful not to overwind the watch, and it should be taken off the wrist when it’s time to wind. 

Manual watches are more delicate and demanding of attention than automatic watches, and are most often found in collectible and classic pieces - the domain of genuine watch lovers and collectors. 

Automatic watch vs manual: which to choose?

Is an automatic better than a manual? Much depends on what kind of person you are, and how much you value convenience over tradition. A manual watch requires more care and effort but offers a real connection with a classic piece of technology and the world of vintage watch collecting.

However, an automatic watch combines the timeless style of a mechanical movement with the added convenience of hands-free winding, making it a perfect choice for everyday luxury. 

With this in mind, let’s look at some of the best automatics that Filippo Loreti has to offer, a well-known brand that combines luxury with affordability. 

4 Automatic watches from Filippo Loreti

1. Venice Automatic Fusion Blue Mesh Automatic Watch

Venice Automatic Fusion Blue Mesh Watch

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The Venice Automatic is often compared to watches in the +$1000 price range, and it’s easy to see why. 

With an incredible build quality and impressive complexity of features and details, this sophisticated and classic design is one of Filippo Loreti’s most popular models, featuring a moon phase complication that predates the origins of the clock. Other details include a month wheel, day of the week wheel, power reserve indicator, and a tasteful engraving of Venice’s famous Basilica di San Marco on the case back. 

This Blue Mesh version combines an eye-catching blue with a rose gold exterior, offset by a subtle steel mesh strap. Ideal for a man of culture and learning, who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

2. Rome Blue Gold Automatic Watch

Rome Blue Gold Automatic Watch

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Another classic Italian-inspired timepiece, the Rome Blue Gold Automatic was created with Rome’s Piazza del Campidoglio in mind and features an artsy and minimalist dial with Roman numerals and a small date display detail.

The combination of blue and gold is always a winner, with this model taking it even further with the addition of a tasteful Italian leather strap, also in blue. With an astonishingly detailed engraving of the famous piazza on the case back, the Rome Blue Gold Automatic is a unique blend of understated elegance and attention-grabbing color, perfect for everything from a casual dinner date to a formal business event.

3. Skeleton Rose Gold Blue Automatic Watch

Skeleton Rose Gold Blue Automatic Watch 

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The Skeleton is something different altogether - a unique and very special watch that lets you look through the dial and see the intricate craftsmanship that goes into making your luxury automatic.

Not only that, but the case back is also transparent too, allowing you a deeper look into the mechanics of what makes an automatic tick. You’ll be blown away by the interplay of movements working in harmony, and you’re sure to gain a newfound appreciation of the true sophistication of your treasured wristwatch.

With a classic blue/ gold color combination, the Skeleton Rose Gold Blue is a true status watch, one that is sure to impress with both its outer and inner beauty!

4. Arsenal Sky Blue Automatic Watch

Arsenal Sky Blue Automatic Watch

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Last but certainly not least is the Arsenal Sky Blue. Inspired by the history of Venetian Arsenal's naval superpowers, this incredibly complex piece features a 24-hour dial, day of the week wheel, month wheel, date display, and power reserve indicator, so you’ll know exactly what is going on at all times. 

With a 40-hour power reserve and tough yet sporty integrated bracelet case design, this watch is durable and rugged, yet still elegant enough to double up as a conversation-starting dress watch. 

Like the Skeleton above, the Arsenal has a see-through case back for a fascinating insight into its inner workings, and it comes with a link bracelet that looks great in both professional and casual settings. This limited edition automatic is ideal for a refined man who likes technology and gadgets, featuring a complex sophistication offset by elegant details. 

Wrap up

These stunning automatic watches are fantastic examples of timeless luxury combined with the convenience of an advanced automatic winding mechanism. 

Perfect for everyday wear, backed by Filippo Loreti’s famous 10-year international warranty, beautifully built, and competitively priced, any one of these choices is guaranteed to give you years of service and aesthetic pleasure. For these models and even more, check out our automatic watch collection and make your choice today!