Affordable Style of Watches

Affordable Style of Watches

Looking for a beautifully designed, premium timepiece that won’t break the bank? Nowadays, this is a real possibility. Let’s check out the new wave of affordable watches for men, and introduce some stunning examples by Filippo Loreti. 

The luxury style of watches, with their world-famous brands and eye-watering price tags, has become the ultimate status symbol. Nothing says more about a man’s taste, self-confidence, and yes, wealth, than what he chooses to wear on his wrist. 

Men's Watches for a reasonable price

However, not everyone has the means, or the inclination, to spend thousands of dollars on a watch. Luxury watches are a classic example of a “Veblen Good” - products that invert economic logic by increasing in demand as their price rises. This type of conspicuous consumption, fueled by exclusivity and snobbery, just isn’t as socially acceptable as it used to be, with concerns about extreme inequality and sustainability becoming more widespread. 

There has to be a better way! 

It’s true that affordable watches for men have always been available, but their quality and style have left a lot to be desired. They are poorly made, usually knockoffs of more expensive brands, and look exactly what they are - cheap. Happily, that has changed in the last few years, largely thanks to brands like Filippo Loreti. 

Affordable Luxury by Filippo Loreti

Having noticed the yawning chasm between quality, but incredibly overpriced luxury watches and their cheap, badly made counterparts, Filippo Loreti began its journey with a mission to “democratize the luxury watch industry.” 

The initial offerings - high-quality, Italian-designed watches for an affordable price - resonated so strongly with the public that they broke all crowdfunding records for a timepiece project. 

Since then, Filippo Loreti has gone from strength to strength, releasing new and exciting models of astonishing quality and changing the way people think about luxury watches. You don’t need to spend as much as you would on a small car to get a premium watch anymore - you can just choose your style and make a real statement for under $300

Don’t believe? Let’s check out five premium quality Filippo Loreti watches of classic style, watches that will always be on-trend and will last you a lifetime.

Okeanos Green Steel Link Men's Watch

Okeanos Green Steel Link

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Let’s kick things off with a real head turner - the Okeanos Green Steel Link. Green-faced watches are a real trend in the premium watch industry right now, an industry that’s known for being quite conservative and slow to embrace new colors and styles.

This clean and uncomplicated dive watch looks great in a deep emerald green, which is still an unusual enough color to be noticed on the wrist without being showy. Featuring a simple yet elegant stainless steel link strap and artful engraving on the case back, this version of the Okeanos is truly versatile - it’s tough and durable enough for adventures under the waves but also suitable for a more formal or office setting. 

It’s never been easier to get yourself in on the green watch trend - this Filippo Loreti's classic watch is a snip at just €168. 

Venice Moonphase Black Gold Mesh Men's Watch

 Venice Moonphase Black Gold Mesh

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Feeling a little more cultured and refined? Let’s turn our attention to another one of Filippo Loreti’s most famous pieces, the Venice Moonphase collection. 

Best known for its colorful and interesting moon phase complication, this sophisticated travel/dress watch also features day-of-the-week, date-of-the-month, and month-of-the-year wheels to keep you fully informed in any situation. The Black Gold Mesh edition adds another layer of style and intrigue with its cool, minimalist color combination, and let’s not forget its homage to the Floating City on the case back - a gorgeous engraving of Venice’s iconic Basilica di San Marco. 

Ideal for the well-traveled and discerning gentleman, the Venice is most often compared to timepieces in the $1000+ range, making its price of just €179 a truly astonishing bargain. You’ll have to act quickly though - they tend to sell out almost immediately when released. 

Okeanos Rose Gold Green Link 2020 Edition Men's Watch

Okeanos Rose Gold Green Link 2020 Edition

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Similar to the Okeanos Green Steel Link mentioned above, this is another stunning example of an on-trend green watch with an added touch of luxury. 

This limited-edition timepiece has the same elegant, minimalist dial, with the addition of a subtle date box hinting at its suitability for far more than diving alone. But where this watch really stands out is its stunning rose gold strap and case, an unusual and interesting tone that marries perfectly with the equally eye-catching and still novel emerald green face. 

As multifunctional as the Okeanos is, with its rugged and sporty build being ideal for active adventures, this model is designed with more formal occasions in mind. Whether it’s a black-tie event, a night at the casino or a dinner date with someone special, this opulent and unique watch is sure to make a statement and can be yours for just €232!

Eterno Gilded Ash Men's Watch

Eterno Gilded Ash

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For a homage to history and one of the most famous and sought-after watch designs, let’s head to the Eterno. 

Because while Filippo Loreti might seem like the brash newcomer, shaking up the comfortable, stuffy traditionalists with bold designs and affordable prices, they still recognise the importance of watchmaking history. 

Nowhere is this more evident than the Eterno, a watch that’s dedicated to the legendary design of the Polerouter, the first creation of the Swiss designer Gérald Genta. The Polerouter was originally designed in honor of the "Polar Route," a glamorous and game-changing flight that cut the travel time between the US and Northern Europe by 14 hours. Now, this iconic design has received a 21st-century refresh, with the Eterno featuring a complex automatic movement that’s both convenient and another nod to the classic and traditional form of watchmaking. 

The Eterno Gilded Ash features an elegant gray and gold color combination, offset by a tasteful Italian leather strap. Perfect for formal occasions, this storied and advanced dress watch is available in either 38mm or 42mm sizes. 

Eterno Emerald Link Men's Watch

Eterno Emerald Link

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Fittingly, we finish with another of those trendy green-face watches that collectors can’t seem to get enough of right now. 

This time it’s the Eterno Emerald Link, which, similar to the Eterno mentioned above, is steeped in history and classic style. Featuring an all-silver case and strap combination, the small, emerald green face adds a dash of color to catch the eye, bringing a modern twist to a retro design. 

With automatic watches in high demand for premium watch collectors, and this traditional yet complex movement a sure sign of true luxury, you would expect to pay $500 at the absolute minimum for a watch of this quality. Amazingly, the Eterno Emerald Link is currently on sale at just €232, with the option of a personalized engraving on the case back available for a further €22. You’ll never find a better deal on a timepiece of this quality! 

Wrap up 

As you can see, the days of only being able to choose between a great watch at inflated and unrealistic prices, or a cheap, tacky knockoff are long gone. Now, you can get a premium, handmade timepiece delivered directly to your door for a fair price that’s accessible for all. 

For all of these models and many more, check out Filippo Loreti’s Men’s Watch Collection and get yourself a premium, but affordable watch for men today!