6 Unique Style Watches

6 Unique Style Watches from Filippo Loreti

What’s your favourite style of watch? There are many unique watches for men to choose from, featuring different designs, movements, histories, and color combinations. That can sometimes make it difficult to choose the right unique watch for your needs. 

Ascari Unique Colorful Watch

In this article, we’re going to look at some unique watch styles for men, from well-known classics like dive and racing watches to more unusual styles like cartoon dials. We’ll also introduce some beautiful examples by Filippo Loreti, to help you find the perfect unique watch for you.

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Moonphase Watches

While a moon phase complication isn’t exactly the most accurate way of telling the time, it is certainly one of the most beautiful and collectible. This artistic detail shows the various stages of the moon as it progresses through the 29.5-day lunar month, and is a tasteful homage to the earliest forms of ancient horology. Moonphase watches are luxurious and require great skill to craft, so you can expect to pay a little more for this extra piece of technical mastery.

Dive Watches

Dive watches started appearing in the golden age of underwater exploration back in the 1950s. Long before computers, these pioneers needed a water-resistant watch to tell them how long they’d been under the water, how much air is left in the tank, and how to calculate their ascent times for safe decompression. The first retail dive watch to really go mainstream was the iconic Rolex Submariner, featuring a design that many dive watches still aspire to. The main features of a dive watch include a rotating bezel, a luminous and colorful dial for visibility, and, of course, water resistance over 100m.

Racing Watches

Racing watches are designed, as the name suggests, to measure racing times. Originally used for motor racing, they can also be used for running, yachting, and horse racing too. You can often see the influence of the car on the design of a racing watch - its circular extra hands resemble the old-fashioned dashboard. These chronograph hands are the main feature of racing watches, providing chronograph functionality to measure elapsed time. The stopwatch function is controlled via two extra buttons on either side of the crown. You’ll often find a tachymeter on the bezel too, to measure speed.

Dress Watches

There is some debate as to what qualifies as a dress watch, but there are a few handy rules to follow. Dress watches will have either a mechanical or automatic movement, in line with the traditions of luxury watchmaking. The dial will be simple and minimalist, with only two hands and neutral color such as white or black. A dress watch is small, thin, and discrete, it’s supposed to subtly complement formal wear such as a tuxedo, rather than draw attention to itself. With this in mind, you’ll often find that dress watches have thin leather straps, rather than a chunky bracelet. To complete the opulent, formal feel, the case should include precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum. 

Cartoon Watches

While they might seem childish or kitschy, cartoon watches are starting to become a serious trend in watchmaking. Examples such as Disney’s vintage Mickey Mouse watch have become incredibly collectible. Luxury brands like Omega and TAG Heuer now regularly release unique, one-off editions featuring characters like Snoopy and even Spongebob Squarepants. These watches have put the fun back into what was once a stuffy and risk-averse industry, appealing to a whole new generation of enthusiasts and collectors.

Colorful Watches

Adding color to luxury watches used to be frowned upon, with traditionalists preferring to stick with black, white, grey, and other neutral shades. However, in recent years, colorful watches have become mainstream, with blue leading the way. Now, it’s very common to find blue-dial watches tastefully paired with gold or rose-gold details. The next big trend in colorful watches is green, with luxury brands recently releasing a host of gorgeous greens. This trend shows no sign of abating in 2022, making green an accepted color in luxury watches. What’s next? Yellow perhaps? Red? We’re looking forward to finding out!

3 Unique Men’s Watches By Filippo Loreti

Let’s check out some unique watches by Filippo Loreti, the leading brand in affordable luxury segment. 

Ascari Grand Prix GP 1953 Watch

Ascari Grand Prix GP 1953 Watch

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The Ascari collection features a range of racing watches, all inspired by the legendary Italian driver Alberto Ascari. Their motorsport pedigree is evident in details like an engraved tachymeter bezel, dashboard-style chronograph hands on the dial, and an artwork of Ascari’s iconic Ferrari on the case back. 

But what makes the Ascari unique? The answer lies in its movement, which is a clever hybrid of quartz and mechanical. It looks and feels exactly like a mechanical watch, with the chronograph snapping smartly back to zero when reset. Hands also sweep smoothly rather than ticking, another telltale sign of a mechanical movement. Despite this, the Ascari gets its power from modern and convenient quartz, eliminating the need for daily winding. If it’s retro style married with modern technology that you’re looking for, the Ascari Grand Prix GP 1953 is a perfect choice. 

Venice Moonphase Silver Watch

Venice Moonphase Silver Watch

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There’s no city in the world like Venice. With its gorgeous architecture, romantic atmosphere, and intricate network of canals, “La Serenissima” is a truly unique place. It makes sense that Filippo Loreti’s most beautiful and unique watch should share its name. 

The moonphase complication is what makes the Venice stand out from the crowd. It displays the moon as a form of timekeeping, an ancient horological science that predates the invention of the clock. This classic silver edition, complete with a practical Italian leather strap, also features day-of-the-week, date-of-the-month, and month-of-the-year wheels - perfect for the keen traveler. 

This is Filippo Loreti’s original classic, a watch that is regularly compared to pieces in the $1000+ range and a winner of international design awards. If you’re looking for a truly unique example of affordable luxury, the Venice Moonphase is the watch for you. 

Okeanos Rose Gold Blue Rubber Watch

Okeanos Rose Gold Blue Rubber Watch

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What if we told you that there’s a watch that is tough enough to thrive in the depths of the ocean, yet elegant enough to flash at formal occasions? This is the Okeanos, and it can do all of that and more. 

The Okeanos Rose Gold Blue Rubber is a unique edition of this sporty and versatile collection. It features unusual rose gold details which, alongside an engraved artwork of the Roman God Oceanus on the case back, gives the watch its luxurious feel. Combine this with a tough rubber strap, sapphire-coated mineral glass, and an eye-catching blue dial, and you have a true all-rounder! If you’re looking to make a statement and stand out from the crowd, look no further than this one-of-a-kind version of a Filippo Loreti classic.

Wrap Up

The best and most affordable place to find a unique men’s watch is undoubtedly Filippo Loreti. With a huge range of styles, designs, and colors to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect watch for you. Check out their unique watches collection and grab a bargain today!