Ascari Corsa Limited Edition
Ascari Corsa Limited Edition
Ascari Corsa Limited Edition
Ascari Corsa Limited Edition
Ascari Corsa Limited Edition
Ascari Corsa Limited Edition
Ascari Corsa Limited Edition
Ascari Corsa Limited Edition

Ascari Corsa Limited Edition

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Embark on an exhilarating journey into the realm of motorsport with the Ascari Corsa watch. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Alberto Ascari and the sleekness of luxury Italian sports cars, this collection is a testament to the thrilling world of racing. As you immerse yourself in the high-speed universe of elegant automobiles, the Ascari Corsa reveals its sporty sophistication.

The Ascari Corsa, featuring a carbon texture dial and vivid yellow highlights, mirrors the thrill of racing. Powered by the precise VK63 Chronograph Movement, it signifies a perfect fusion of the racing spirit with the finesse of horology, setting a new standard in luxury chronographs.

Tailored for racing aficionados, this watch symbolizes both performance and style. Its robust case, adorned with a functional tachymeter, measures time with unparalleled accuracy. The pushers, accented with a yellow spiral reminiscent of high-performance vehicle shock absorbers, inject a dynamic and stylish flair. Whether opting for the bold yellow or the understated black strap, each choice makes a bold statement about your style.

Step into the fast lane of the Ascari Corsa world, where each detail embodies the adrenaline and precision of motorsports. Limited to just 100 pieces, each watch transcends mere timekeeping; it's a collector's jewel, celebrating the rich legacy of racing and the artistry of fine watchmaking.


Case Material
IPGun Color Stainless Steel
Strap Material
Rubber Strap with Stainless Steel Buckle
VK63 Mechaquartz
Water Resistance
10ATM (100M)
Case Diameter
Case Thickness
Hands & Indexes
Matt Luminous Hands & Indexes
Coated Mineral Glass
3 Eyes Carbon Fiber Dial


Racing Heart Elegant Soul

Featuring a VK63 Chronograph Movement, a sporty carbon fiber dial, and a striking yellow spiral on the pushers, the Ascari Corsa combines racing precision with elegant design. This timepiece is a fusion of speed-inspired aesthetics and unparalleled horological craftsmanship.

Sleek & Swift

Boasting an IPGun Color stainless steel case, ergonomic rubber strap with a stainless steel buckle, and a detailed crown with yellow accents, the Ascari Corsa exemplifies a blend of racing-inspired functionality and sleek style.


The caseback of each Ascari Corsa is a testament to exquisite artisanship, featuring a detailed 3D engraving of a classic racing car. Numbered from 1 to 100, this limited collection watch is more than a timekeeper; it's a narrative of racing history and elegance.

Race Into Italian MAJESTY

Envision the thrill of Italy's famed racetracks, echoing in the dynamic contours of a luxury sports car. The Ascari Corsa reflects this exhilarating world with its detailed crown, vibrant yellow accents, and stainless steel case—a nod to Italian craftsmanship. As you accelerate through life's fast lanes, let this timepiece be your companion in every high-speed adventure, where time melds with the essence of racing elegance.


Step into a realm where time races with the pulsating thrill of the track with The Corsa.

Ascari Corsa


42mm IPGun Color Stainless Steel 10ATM Water Resistance


Matt Luminous Hands & Indexes


3 Eyes Carbon Fiber Dial


Engraved Caseback numbered 1 to 100 & an Artfull 3D engraving


VK63 Mechaquartz


Rubber Strap with Stainless Steel Buckle

In The Press

"Filippo Loreti skips wholesalers, distributors and retail fees to offer $1000+ limited edition Italian luxury timepieces for less than $200."

Filippo Loreti watches


"Filippo Loreti's inexpensive watches mostly under $200 in price have outperformed comparatively superior timepieces from legacy brands in both Switzerland and Japan"

Filippo Loreti watches


"I’ve gotten to know Filippo Loreti better and better over the last year and have to say that the people behind the brand are ready to make it what their customers actually want it to be – and that is a real luxury brand."

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“Best Watches Under $300”

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Ask Men

“If you want high-quality and stylish luxury designs, without paying traditional luxury prices, Filippo Loreti is the way to go.”

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Business Insider

"Filippo Loreti are rapidly becoming one of the most recognised entry level watchmakers on the market and this position is solidified by magnificent watches like this Venice Moonphase."

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The Coolector

“I definitely can say that it’s an extremely splendid watch for the money. It’s a timepiece that catches the eye, and I’ve received comments every time I’ve worn it.”

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"I’ve worn it out three nights in the past week and I’m not lying when I say I’ve been getting compliments on this watch unlike any other watch I’ve worn."

Filippo Loreti watches


"Their fine timepieces are worth a thousand dollars yet priced at only a few hundred. How do they do it? In short, the company has made brilliant use of the technology at its disposal."

Filippo Loreti watches

The Manual

4.8 ★★★★★

10k+ reviews



I was very pleased to receive the two watches The quality of the products were absolutely spot on...


I’m in love with it! I was impressed how professional the customer support is, very happy with my...


I cant stop feeling extremely excited. It's been forever since I last felt this special about any...


The Moonphase watch is even more appealing and sophisticated than the pictures could communicate.


Love the watch. Catches everyone's attention instantly. Keep on doing this wonderful thing.

James to those who are thinking of buying this watch. Hope the video will ...


I wore it on my birthday. Everyone just loved the necklace and adored this amazing piece of Jewel...


I am very excited, it is a very beautiful and elegant watch. I recommend it with confidence!


It's a beautiful time piece. I enjoy wearing it and have received several compliments, unexpected...


My husband gifted me with this necklace on our anniversary. I could never imagine that I would ge...

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