What You Should Know About Automatic Watches

What You Should Know About Automatic Watches - Filippo Loreti

In recent time, automatic watches are becoming very popular among classic gentlemen. They have always been popular, but it seems there is a resurgence in the watch market that favours them over quartz watches and even manual watches. 

Are you considering getting an automatic watch for the first time? We want to assure you that it is a good decision. However, there are some important things we believe you need to know about these watches before spending the cash on them. 

Without further ado, here are the important things you should know about automatic watches:

Automatic Watches Are Also Mechanical Watches 

Some people find it difficult to understand the relationship between automatic watches and mechanical watches. There shouldn't really be any confusion here. Automatic watches are actually self-winding mechanical watches. 

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The mechanical watch movement is a type of watch movement that depends on engines that are composed of springs and gear systems. Depending on the winding mechanism and requirement, a mechanical watch can either be an automatic watch or a manual watch. 

Automatic Watches Differ From Manual Watches 

As we have established already, automatic watches and manual watches are types of mechanical watches. While they have the same type of engine that doesn't need batteries, they differ in the way they generate power for the engine to keep running. Automatic watches are self-winding watches, while manual watches require hand-winding. 

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Automatic watches are regarded as an advanced type of mechanical watches. While their manual counterparts rely on constant hand-winding, they have a rotor attached to the engine that winds the mainspring in response to the movement of the wearer's wrist. 

Automatic Watches Are Synonymous With Quality Craftsmanship 

Automatic watches are not like quartz watches that just need batteries to power any form of weak engine. To get them to work in the first instance, quality craftsmanship is required. As hinted already, the engines are complex systems of springs and gears. They are made in an intricate manner to keep accurate time. 

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It is almost impossible to find a low-quality automatic watch. When you are paying for an automatic watch, you can rest assured that you are paying for quality craftsmanship, and you will get value for your money. 

You Make Work Automatic Watches with Your Movement 

One of the coolest facts about automatic watch movement is that it relies on the movement of your hand. How cool is that? The rotor inside the watch moves according to the movement of your wrist. This movement directly winds the mainspring of the engine, powering it and even saving some energy at the same time. 

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It is cool to have a watch that its movement relies on your moving wrist. What could be cooler? Your wrist’s movement will even generate enough power to keep the watch working even when you take it off for a while. 

Automatic Watches Never Go Out Of Style 

When you buy an automatic watch, you can be sure that you have acquired a timepiece you can wear for years. They never really go out of style. Even some of the oldest automatic watches are still considered stylish by fashionable individuals. 

The fact that they never go out of fashion means they are super-valuable. Imagine buying a watch you can wear for decades - the utility it will offer is unmatchable. 

Automatic Watches Last Forever 

Automatic watches last forever – this may sound a lot more like an exaggeration, but it should give you an idea of what you stand to gain when you buy an automatic watch. They are super-durable and will remain in great shape throughout the years. 

Automatic Watches Become More Valuable With Time 

The value of a quality automatic watch improves with time. The implication is that when you buy a high-quality automatic watch, you are also making an investment that can become very valuable in years to come. 

Why Choose Filippo Loreti Automatic Watches? 

Filippo Loreti automatic watches offer all the benefits we have mentioned in this article and many more. Here are more reasons to buy them ahead of the other options you may have: 

  • They are not mass-produced but handcrafted according to orders placed by customers
  • They are sold directly to the customers, eliminating the challenges posed by middlemen 
  • They are affordable for any budget

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Automatic watches are special and highly revered by fashionable men. If you really need to buy one, consider the top options from Filippo Loreti that we highlighted above. You can also check out automatic watches collection on their website for more options.