Tomorrow Belongs To You

Tomorrow Belongs To You Ocean Friendly Watches from Filippo Loreti

Have you thought about the environmental impact of your watch? Filippo Loreti does and is constantly making developments to make its watches cleaner, greener, and more sustainable. Let’s take a look at sustainability in the watch industry and introduce you to Ocean Night and Ocean Day, two of the most environmentally-friendly watches on the market.

Pre-order launch for new ocean-friendly collection will start on the 2nd of March. Stay tuned and be first to buy this unique watches created together! 

Are Watches Sustainable?

Clean ocean with Whale

Everyone knows that we need to do more to protect our planet. Sustainability has become a buzzword across all businesses, as consumers demand products that are made with minimal environmental impacts. 

The catalyst for change in the watch industry came in 2018, with the release of a WWF report.The report brought up serious environmental concerns about mining, mercury pollution, lack of recycling options, and the trend for throwaway “fast fashion.” Something had to change, and brands needed to find more sustainable ways to operate. 

It’s fair to say that the response has been positive, with brands bringing innovative manufacturing material solutions to the table. For example, Panerai launched a dive watch in 2019 made from the components of scrapped aircraft. Other companies are exploring the use of ceramics to replace stainless steel, a material that is costly and polluting in its production.

However, the most interesting innovation has been in the use of recycled plastics from the ocean. This encourages and rewards the gathering and recycling of plastic waste, which would otherwise be broken down into smaller components and become harmful to marine life. Tide Ocean Material is at the forefront of this initiative, upcycling ocean-bound plastic waste and transforming it into a premium raw material for use in watches.

Filippo Loreti and Sustainability

Filippo Loreti has had a focus on sustainability from the very beginning. It began as a commitment to making durable, long-lasting watches using quality materials. This meant that our watches would last for a lifetime, rather than being throwaway “fast fashion” items that quickly end up in landfills. All of Filippo Loreti's stainless steel watches are built to the highest quality standards and are backed up by long warranty guarantees. It’s our wish for watches to be seen as an heirloom, to be passed down from one generation to the next. 

Another commitment to sustainability lies in our “on-demand” manufacturing process. Our watches are hand-made to order, meaning that they’re only made according to demand. This business model may mean that you’ll have to wait a little longer for your watch, but you’ll be safe in the knowledge that it was made just for you and there was no unnecessary waste created in the process.

Ocean Day and Ocean Night

Now we’re boosting our commitment to sustainability even further by offering a new generation of environmentally-friendly watches. The Ocean Day and Ocean Night are made from recycled Tide Ocean Material, marking a huge step forward in our "Tomorrow Belongs To You" campaign. With the help of all Filippo Loreti community we held a survey and received more than 1000 answers about the design of ocean-friendly watch. This survey helped to create product together and choose different watch components with the community together. 

Based on this survey we developed the final version of the ocean-friendly watches collection.

Ocean Day Filippo Loreti Watch

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Ocean Day comes in bright silver and white, tastefully matched with an aqua green dial. Ocean Night is mat black, with its darker tones accentuated by a brighter blue aqua dial. Both watches come with a recycled nylon strap featuring subtle blue stitching, adding to the marine feel of these ocean-friendly watches. The Ocean collection is powered by solar, which means no pollution waste from heavy metals in the creation and disposal of batteries. 

Ocean Night Filippo Loreti Watch

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Of course, these watches are perfect for long days by the ocean. With a water resistance down to 50 meters, luminous hands, and large, clear indexes, you could easily take your watch along with you for some snorkeling or diving. Because taking the time to understand and admire the rich diversity of life in our oceans is essential for conservation and educating the next generation of sea lovers.

Wrap Up

As a company, as part of the watch industry, and as human beings, it’s our responsibility to make our business as sustainable as possible. We try to minimize our environmental impact wherever we can, and we’re proud that our new Ocean watches support Tide Ocean Materials in their quest to clean the oceans. It’s all part of our effort to Avoid, Intercept and Redesign - changing our processes and habits to produce less waste and recycle more.