The Best Leather Watch Straps

Venice Moonphase Leather Strap Watch from FIlippo Loreti

Ageless beauty, timeless designs, quality that lasts forever. Good leather watch straps don’t ignore fashion styles, they create them. Get a wearable look that takes you from day to evening just by changing out leather watch bands. 

Venice Silver Gold Automatic Watch with Leather Strap

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Some argue over where the best leather comes from, but at Filippo Loreti doesn’t have to argue, we know firsthand. Italy has the kind of enduring designs, premium quality, and traditional methods that make their leather stand out from the crowd.

Watch Straps: Types of Leather Best Avoided

Not all leather is the same. That’s a fact most people have a hard time wrapping their heads around. But different countries have different tanning methods that result in different types of leather. Those leather watch bands you’ve been shopping might seem similar, but they’re far from it. And most of them are best avoided.

Venice Moonphase Gold Black Watch with Leather Strap

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  • Suede. Ultra-soft but hardly durable, suede is found in everything from shoes to coats to men’s leather strap watches. It looks good at first, but its looks quickly dissolve under wear and tear.
  • Nubuck. Soft like suede but with more durability, nubuck is an okay choice for items infrequently used. It’ll never stand up to the daily wear of a favourite watch though.
  • Bonded. This low-grade leather is made of all the leftovers. Strips of real leather are bonded together and enrobed in polyurethane. It wears out almost as fast as you get it. 
  • PVC. Manufacturers call it leather, but it’s far from it. PVC contains no real leather, not even a drop. It’s great for vegans, but it starts shredding soon after getting it.

Italian Leather Watch Bands: Simply the Best

It’s not that all other types of leather are bad, it’s just that Italian leather watch straps are better. The reasons behind this are solid fact, not simple opinion. It’s tough to argue with results. So take a look for yourself and see what makes an Italian leather band better than the rest.

  • Long Lasting. Italian leather is premium grade and incredibly durable. A leather belt watch from Italy will last your entire lifetime.
  • Tanning Process. Italy has a one of a kind tanning process that results in a unique look other types of leather simply can’t produce. 
  • Easy Cleanup. If your leather belt watch gets a little dirty, just wipe it down with a damp cloth. You can’t do that with other types of leather.
  • Always in Style. Italian leather is as well received today as it was a century ago. It has timeless appeal which means it’s always in fashion.

Hands down, the best leather watch straps come from Italy. The combination of style, beauty, and durability remains unsurpassed. If you want eye-catching quality that makes you stand out and feel good, get an Italian leather watch.

Italian Leather Strap For Watches

Venice Moonphase Blue Rose Gold

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At Filippo Loreti we have a collection of Italian handmade leather watch bands that are as eternal in their beauty as they are in their durability.

  • Handcrafted. Filippo Loreti’s handmade leather watch straps are exclusively designed by watchmakers with decades of experience and an eye for style.
  • Interchangeable. If you get tired of one watch band, you can change it out for another. Filippo Loreti bands are completely interchangeable.
  • Men’s Leather Strap Watches. From the Venice Moonphase to the Rome collection, Filippo Loreti has men’s leather watches that are daring, precise, and gorgeous.
  • Ladies’ Leather Strap Watches. Filippo Loreti combines contemporary beauty with classic elegance in their women’s leather watches. The Rome Rose Gold and Matte Black are eternal.

The type of leather strap you buy is just as important as the color and style. Filippo Loreti only uses Italian leather, so you only get quality watch straps. Get one today, and show your beauty inside and out.