Moon Men: Moon Phase on Your Wrist

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For a stylish man, the need to have different kinds of watches cannot be overemphasized. Watches are the most socially acceptable fashion accessories for men. Having stylish and trendy timepieces are, therefore, important for every man.


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Talking about stylish and trendy watches, chances are you have heard about moon phase watches. Many men are jumping into the moon phase watch wagon, and it is a good thing that you learn a little about them before buying one.

What is a Moon Phase Watch?

A moon phase watch is a type of watch that has the capacity to show the lighted area of the moon that is visible as it travels around the earth. This lighted area of the moon is what is referred to as the moon phase, and the moon phase watch can show it the way you will see it in the sky.

A watch with moon phase has an aperture that has an aperture on the dial that displays the current phase of the moon. As the moon passes across the sky, the miniature version on the moon phase watches orbits too. A quality moon phase watch will show the accurate graphical representation of the moon better than other devices designed to do that in the past.

How Do Moon Phase Watches Work?

Moonphase Watch from Filippo Loreti


Wearing a moon phase watch is more like having a small moon orbiting the earth around your wrist. How does it work? Well, a moon-phase watch has a disc with two identical moons behind the dial. It will also feature a 59-toothed gear that drives a metal finger connected to the hour hand of a movement watch. This gear will be advanced one notch every 24 hours, indicating the full rotation of the moon. This will keep the moon phase watch accurately for a long time, requiring manual adjustments every 2.5 years.

What Are The Specific Benefits Of Moon Phase Watches?

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In the past, people followed the lunar cycle for many reasons. Those whose professions depended on it were particularly interested in moon phase watches. This majorly included farmers, fishermen, and mariners.

Professional Benefits: If you follow the moon for any reason, you will find the moon phase watch very useful. Farmers use them to know when to plant and harvest certain crops. Mariners, fishermen, and hunters may use them to understand the tides. Some fishermen claim that they can tell when fishes are more likely to bite by checking the moon phase watches.

For Astrology and Storytelling: In the modern age, people use them for astrology and storytelling. Muslims will also find moon phase watches beneficial, as it makes it easy to follow the Muslim calendar, which is based on the rotation of the moon.

Aesthetics: Another benefit of moon phase watches is the aesthetics or visual appeal. It feels so good to have a miniature orbiting moon on your wrist. Even people who don’t understand what the beautiful aperture on watch dials work find them appealing. They look good and improve the aesthetic appeal of the watches significantly. 

Unique, Versatile Watches for Every Man


Venice Moonphase Blue Gold Mesh Watch For Men

Another important reason to buy moon phase watches is the fact that they are unique. The moon phase is a feature like no other. It is a functional feature with benefits and looks very cool tool. Most moon phase watches are versatile too. They come in a variety of materials and can be comfortably matched with different outfits. They will always look great and will be considered suitable for any occasion.

Where Can I Get The Best Moon Phase Watches?

Are you interested in buying a moon phase watch? It is crucial that you go for the best. You need to buy a genuine watch with moon phase that will stand the test of time. It must be of the right quality and have other essential features like versatility, excellent warranty, and a great price.

Where will you find such a top-quality, genuine premium watch?

One of the major reasons why Filippo Loreti watches are highly regarded is that we manufacturer them. All watches are preordered, meaning we make them for specific individuals that have ordered ahead of time. Another good news is that our watches relatively have reasonable prices.

Examples of Best Moon Phase Watches


Venice Moonphase Silver Watch for Men

One of the most remarkable things about Filippo Loreti's watches is that we have an abundance of models in almost every watch category. You can find the best deals for their best moon phase watches for men and for women on our website catalog.

Moon phase watches for men are adorable and suitable for any occasion in life. Every man needs one or two to complete his watch collections. We hope this article will help you to find the perfect moon phase watch for you.