What to Expect From Luxury Watches In 2021?

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The luxury watch market is dynamic. Just like other aspects of fashion, things change at a pace that is difficult to predict. Though changes in the watch market may not be as fast-paced as what we witness in the apparel market, it happens fast, nevertheless, and a fashionable man or woman needs to keep up with trends.

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Keeping up with what is considered fashionable in the watch market is vital for every stylish person. This is even more important for someone who loves premium watches. Since they will likely be the most important accent to your style, they need to be as trendy and fanciful as possible.

Are you thinking of buying a premium watch in 2021? Are you wondering if there are changes in the luxury watch market you are not aware of? We will try to help you solve the conundrum by discussing some of the few new trends and recommending how best to shop. 

Premium Watches Trends in 2021

If you really want to buy a trendy premium watch in 2021, these are the trends to look out for:

More Drops

The luxury watch industry has learned the benefits of a more fragmented release and a focus on product 'drops' from the broader fashion industry. In 2021, we also expect that premium watchmakers will offer short, often surprise launches available after release. While this will generally serve as a strategy to build anticipation and hype, it will be the trend now and in the possible future. It will always be safer to patronise makers who offer limited edition premium watches.

More Colors

Color play in the luxury watch industry will be a notable trend this year. Already, we see more greenness in some of the trusted brands. We also expect to see an uptick in green dials this year. The standard offering of blue along with black and white options will continue with the green dials joining them. Green is wildly chameleonic and varied. The darker, more muted tones are favoured, however, since they offer a flash of vivid personality that suits the active lifestyle of modern humans.

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More Bracelets

Already, integrated watch bracelets are making a massive impact on the industry. There is no sign that this will slow down anytime soon. In fact, we are going to see more this year. It may appear as if everyone is copying each other, but the seamless link between steel case and bracelet will continue to trend in the luxury watch market for the time being. Some think this trend has an element of opportunism, but the fact is – the market wants what it wants. 

More Tones

Two-tone watches began to trend in the '80s and were quite popular among luxury watch wearers. The distinctive mix of steel and gold seems to be making its way back into the market. It is already trending once again with a little twist. Now, we see more nuance and diversity in the execution of the look. The trend has been modified to suit modern fashionable men and women.

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How to Buy a Trendy Luxury Watch

You don’t have to buy the most famous watches to look good. The most important thing is to understand what is trending and go for them. It is also important to buy from a reputable company you know very well to avoid paying too much. At Filippo Loreti we produce watches according to orders placed and ship to owners. We also have many available models so that you get the perfect trendy watch that will suit your style.

The best luxury watches are not too far away from you. You just need to know the trend and how to buy luxury watches online. You will find some of the best affordable luxury watches from our collections and get one made specifically for you.