How Does an Automatic Watch Work?

Venice Silver Automatic Watch with Mesh Strap

Automatic watches are the perfect compromise of luxury and convenience. Let’s take a look at what makes them tick, and review a few stunning and affordable automatic watches for men by Filippo Loreti.

Automatic watch in the making

What does a premium watch mean to you? People collect watches for many reasons: from the simple fact that they look great and are the ultimate status symbol, to an interest in history and horology, or even as an attractive investment opportunity.

However, amidst all of the mystique, aura, and exclusivity of the luxury watch world, something very important is often forgotten. 

Luxury watches are far more than just a fashion item, glitzy and superficial signals of wealth and success. They are complex and intricate machines that required hundreds of hours of dedicated and highly skilled craftsmanship to build, eschewing the modern convenience of battery power to deliver a mechanical movement that is the true pride of the traditional watchmaker.

However, the downside to these mechanical marvels is the care and delicacy that goes into winding them. Not everyone has the time or desire to take the watch off the wrist and carefully wind the crown every single day, just to keep it ticking. There must be an easier way!

What is an automatic watch?

Luckily, there is. Straddling the ground between the traditional mechanical watch and the modern, battery-powered quartz movement are automatic watches. Automatics feature a mechanical movement that solves the problem of winding manually each day through a complex automatic watch winding mechanism, powered by the motion of the wearer’s arm.

Automatic watch mechanism  

As your arm swings back and forth, a tiny rotor made of a heavy material like gold or platinum swings too, setting the intricate gear system in motion and winding the spring. Many automatics have a transparent case back or dial so you can see this wonder of engineering happening in real-time.

However, this means that automatic watches are most effective when worn daily - if you fail to keep the watch in motion for more than 2 or 3 days, it will still need to be wound manually. 

Getting a timepiece with an automatic watch movement strikes a perfect compromise for those who value the history and skill of traditional watchmaking, but still want the convenience and accuracy of a quartz. Premium watch brands have noticed this, with most of their biggest and most important releases now being automatics. 

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. But if you only have one treasured luxury watch that you wear every day, an automatic watch is the best choice for you. 

4 Automatic Watches by Filippo Loreti

This brings us to Filippo Loreti's brand philosophy - making the premium automatic watch affordable to everyone. We do this through our innovative direct-to-consumer model, which cuts out the middleman and all of the associated retail markups that usually come with luxury goods. 

So what you get is a watch of the highest quality, made just for you, delivered directly from the workshop to your door. Let’s take a look at some of the latest automatics Filippo Loreti has on offer!

1. Venice Rose Gold Blue Automatic Mesh Watch

Venice Rose Gold Blue Automatic Mesh

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The Venice is the watch that made people sit up and take notice that Filippo Loreti is a serious player in the industry. It is most often talked about alongside watches in the $1000+ category, despite costing half of that, and is a masterpiece of complexity and style.

Its standout dial feature is the day-and-night indicator, depicting a medieval sun on the wheel. You’ll also appreciate the power reserve indicator, important for knowing when to give your automatic watch some motion for winding, as well as day of the week, date of the month, and month of the year wheels keeping you up to date on everything you need to know. 

The Rose Gold Blue Automatic Mesh version of this classic design brings a level of cool sophistication to an otherwise classic and artful timepiece. A dark blue and rose gold face is offset by a subtle yet stylish mesh strap, making it perfect for the cultured gentleman with a taste for the modern.

2. Rome Blue Gold Automatic Watch

Rome Blue Gold Automatic Watch

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For something a little more colorful, we head from Venice to Rome. All of Filippo Loreti’s watches are inspired by Italy, and nothing captures that better than the Rome Blue Gold Automatic, a classic design that is steeped in Italian history. 

With a sleek, discreet dial featuring Roman Numerals and a small date display box, the Rome’s elegant and timeless look conceals an advanced Japanese Miyota 8215 Automatic Movement, which is guaranteed to keep precise and accurate time for the life of the watch. 

We love the blue/gold color combination of this model, which brings an eye catching flash of color to an otherwise subtle and understated watch. Think white shirts, blue seas, seafood restaurants, and walks by the marina - the Rome Blue Gold Automatic is the epitome of Italian summer style.

3. Arsenal Sky Blue Automatic Watch

Arsenal Sky Blue Automatic Watch

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From the subtle, classic features of the Rome to the high-tech, maritime-inspired details of the Arsenal. There’s nothing understated about this watch, which boasts no less than 8 different automatic functions! The Arsenal is truly a gadget lover’s dream, with a busy dial featuring a power reserve indicator, date display, day of the week wheel, month wheel, and 24-hour indicator. 

And that’s not all. Flip it over and you’ll get a view into the intricate inner workings of an automatic watch, with a transparent case back allowing you to see the complex interplay of cogs and rotor that power the movement through physical motion alone. 

With a nod to Venice’s powerful naval history, a modern ship wheel motif has been incorporated into the transparent case back, alongside a sporty integrated bracelet case design. It all adds up to Filippo Loreti’s most ambitious and sophisticated watch yet, a stylish mix of complex functionality and industrial durability.

4. Skeleton Rose Gold Blue Automatic Watch

Skeleton Rose Gold Blue Automatic Watch

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Finally, we turn to the Skeleton, a unique and eye-catching watch that perfectly showcases the fine craftsmanship that goes into making an automatic watch. 

The Skeleton is all about the details, with a carefully constructed dial of ‘bones’ that lets you look into the heart of the watch and see it working in real-time. The case back is transparent too, giving you the deepest possible appreciation of an automatic movement as you marvel at the incredible complexity of hundreds of tiny pieces working together in perfect harmony to power your treasured timepiece. 

As a status watch and conversation starter, the Skeleton demands bold and daring colors, which can be found in this stunning rose gold and blue combination. If you ever wanted a watch that’s as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside, the Skeleton is the perfect choice for you. 

Final Thoughts

You won’t find automatic watches of this quality and at these prices anywhere else but Filippo Loreti. For these stunning models and even more, check out our automatic watch collection page where they are currently on sale. 

Now is the perfect time to add an automatic watch to your collection, so don’t miss out and make your choice today!