Hot Tips on Choosing a Men's Watch

Hot Tips on Choosing a Men's Watch from Filippo Loreti

Choosing the right men’s watch can seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s find out exactly what to look for, and review some stunning men's watches on sale right now. 

No fashion choice says more about a man than his choice of watch! 

Ascari Retro Blue Link Men's Watch

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Think about it. A simple t-shirt and jeans combination is completely transformed with the addition of a smart, stylish timepiece. On the other hand, a suave, sophisticated suit-and-tie immediately loses its class with a cheap, plasticky watch on the wrist. 

Since watches are no longer an essential item for their practical value (you’re just as likely to check the time on your phone these days), their value as a statement of style and yes, status has only increased. But how to choose the right men’s watch to suit your own personal sense of style and personality? 

In this article, we’re going to discuss a few tips to help you find your soul-watch, the one that was made just for you. We’re also going to introduce a few men’s watches on sale from Filippo Loreti, the hugely popular men’s watch brand that is bringing a little piece of luxury to everyone. 

Ready? Let’s get straight into it.

1. Choose your watch movement

There are three basic types of movement to choose from - mechanical, automatic, or quartz. All have their pros and cons, so let’s take a brief look at each. 

  • Mechanical watch:

    This is the classic movement, one that dates back centuries and is most associated with the world of watchmaking and luxury watches. Mechanical watch movements work on an astonishingly complex spring-based mechanism, which requires amazing skill to build and maintain and needs to be wound daily. These watches are steeped in history and tradition and are ideal for a gentleman who will feel great pride and care for his treasured timepiece. 
  • Automatic watch:

    Automatics are also mechanical, but with a clever innovation that avoids the need for daily winding. These watches are also very popular with luxury brands as they still connect with the long tradition of fine craftsmanship by watchmakers, but are more convenient for the busy modern man. The self-winding mechanism works via a tiny moving weight that swings with the movement of the wearer’s arm, generating power to keep the watch ticking if worn regularly. Automatics are thus the perfect middle ground between history, luxury, and convenience.
  • Quartz watch:

    The most modern movement is the battery-driven quartz, which never needs winding, requires less care and maintenance, and is somewhat disconnected from traditional watchmaking. These are the movements you are likely to find on your more basic, no-frills watches yet they are extremely accurate, cheaper, and more convenient than mechanical and automatic movements. Of course, you’ll have to change the battery every few years, but quartz movements are best for those who prefer to just let the watch do its thing, without concern for the inner mechanical wonders happening inside. 

2. Choose your watch style

Let’s take a brief look at some classic watch styles:

  • Dive watches:

    born from a crucial need for accuracy, durability, and visibility underwater, it’s no surprise that dive watches are just as popular today. Water-resistant and always featuring a rotating bezel, these sporty, masculine watches are perfect for men who like to channel their inner James Bond. 
  • Dress watches:

Less functional and complex than dive watches, dress watches are supposed to subtly complement formal wear rather than attract attention. Usually thin and simple in design, dress watch faces often have neutral colors such as white, black, or metallic, thoughtfully paired with a tasteful leather strap
  • Racing watches:

    These flashy and attention-grabbing watches have complex chronograph features and often come in a range of bold colors. Designed for calculating race times on a track, racing watches will have large buttons and multiple hands and are ideal for the man who loves his gadgets. 

3. Choose your watch strap

    Different straps can create a drastically different feel on the same watch, so feel free to change things up if you have the option. 

    For example, a dive watch will usually come with a steel-link chain, giving it that sporty, masculine look that is so typical of the style. However, an Italian leather strap will immediately create a more subtle, refined look making it better suited to formal occasions. 

    Other straps include Milanese mesh, for a polished and smart style that’s perfect for sports and racing watches, rubber camo for active, practical uses in the outdoors, and suede for that vintage, cultured look on a classic dress watch. Changing your strap can make it feel like a new watch entirely, so choose one that best suits your desired look and the style of your watch. 

    4 Watches by Filippo Loreti

    Filippo Loreti has disrupted the luxury watch market with its innovative direct-to-consumer model. You no longer have to pay thousands of dollars for the privilege of owning a beautiful, exquisitely crafted timepiece - now you can get one delivered directly from the workshop to your door for a fraction of the price. 

    With a huge range of new models and colors coming out all the time, it’s never been easier or more affordable to find the perfect watch for your style. Let’s check out a few of Filippo Loreti’s current best-sellers, now on sale!

    1. Odyssey Two Tone Green Link Men's Watch

    Odyssey Two Tone Green Link men's watch

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    Let’s start with the Odyssey Two Tone Green Link, a stylish racing watch with complex chronograph features and an on-trend green face. 

    The Odyssey is one of Filippo Loreti’s most popular models, and it’s easy to see why. Reminiscent of the Italian Riviera style of fast cars, glamorous parties, and yachting adventures, this rugged watch is masculine and rugged, yet elegant enough for more formal occasions too. 

    This particular model steps up the elegance with a two-tone silver and gold trim, a classy combination that perfectly matches an eye-catching green face. Flip it over and you’ll find a tasteful engraved artwork, a gorgeous detail and a mark of true luxury. This watch is ideal for a sporty, active man who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

    2. Okeanos Blue Steel Link Men's Watch

    Okeanos Blue Steel Link Men's Watch

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    The Okeanos is a dive watch of the highest quality, and the Blue Steel Link is the perfect companion on your underwater adventures. 

    Featuring a sleek, minimalist blue dial, this classy dive watch has a tough sapphire-coated mineral glass, luminous hands and indexes, and a rotating dial for keeping time deep under the ocean. However, with its stainless steel link strap and elegant style, it won’t look out of place in the office or a fancy restaurant either!

    The Okeanos pays tribute to its origin with an engraving of the Roman God of the Sea Oceanus on the case back, as well as his trident subtly highlighting the crown. These details bring an extra layer of sophistication to an otherwise understated and elegant timepiece, perfect for a sporty man with a keen sense of style.

    3. Venice Moonphase Silver Men's Watch

    Venice Moonphase Silver Men's Watch

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    The Venice is a refined, classy dress-style watch with added complications, bringing a layer of complexity to an otherwise understated timepiece. 

    The Venice Moonphase Silver features the famous Moonphase complication, artfully decorated with a medieval sundial and one of Filippo Loreti’s original masterpieces. You’ll also find day-of-the-week, date-of-the-month, and month-of-the-year wheels, to keep you fully updated on your travels. Its elegant silver case features an engraving on the back depicting St. Mark’s Basilica, an icon of Venetian architecture, and is offset by a fine Italian leather strap. 

    The Venice Moonphase Silver is the perfect companion for a man of culture who loves to travel and explore yet prefers to do so in style. Think history, architecture, learning, and romance - this watch truly captures the essence of Venice!

    4. Ascari Two Tone Gold Steel Link

    Ascari Two Tone Gold Steel Link Men's Watch

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    We finish with another racing watch, one that takes us back to the golden age of motorsport. 

    Named after the legendary Italian driver Alberto Ascari, who became World Champion in 1952 and 1953 in his Ferrari, this watch looks like a mechanical chronograph but comes with a modern, accurate quartz movement, creating an interesting hybrid that combines the best of old and new.

    With a vintage black and silver color combination complete with gold trim, this sporty watch oozes retro style, a look completed with an engraving of Ascari’s famous Ferrari depicted on the case back. The Ascari is perfect for the active man with a keen sense of history and a love for fast cars - an instant classic. 

    Final Thoughts

    Choosing your perfect watch doesn’t have to be hard, but there are a few things to consider first. Will you be wearing it every day, or for special occasions only? Do you have a collection? Which movement, style, and strap is most interesting and practical for you?

    Luckily Filippo Loreti makes it so much easier. With a great range of different styles and colors to choose from, you can easily mix and match with various strap styles and even start a collection of your own, they are just amazing value for money. 

    Check out the current offers now available on our website, and grab yourself a bargain today!