Green Watches: Still A Trending Color?

Green Watches: Still A Trending Color? - Filippo Loreti

Is green here to stay? We discuss the enduring popularity of the green watch as two more examples hit the market.

There are so many reasons to love the color green. Green is the color of life and nature, the vegetables which nourish us with health, and the trees which soothe our minds and souls during a long walk in the woods. 

Green Face Watches

Because of this, we are naturally attracted to all things green. And in terms of trends, it’s a color that will never go out of fashion. You might’ve seen a few eye-catching green-dial watches recently, beautifully paired with striking gold or silver details. 

There’s no doubt that the combination of emerald green with golden or silver hues creates a real feeling of luxury. Think of the British Racing Green of a vintage Jaguar or Aston Martin, silver alloy wheels gleaming in the sun. Or a regal emerald stone, set against the pure, dazzling gold of an expensive ring. 

It’s a timeless combination, and one that simply oozes class and sophistication.

Watch companies know this only too well, and have been releasing stylish green dial watches with increasing regularity. What was once a rare choice of color, reserved mainly for rugged, military-style pieces designed for hunting and trekking, has now become part of the mainstream. 

Green-faced watches are no longer just a functional choice or quirky trend. But are they here to stay?

Just as blue has become a staple in high-end watches, we believe that green has arrived too. Every serious watch collector should now have at least one green watch in their collection, but where to start? 

In this article, we’ll have a look at two classy green watches by Filippo Loreti, both beautifully made and the perfect introduction to the growing world of green watches. 

Green Watches to Add to Your Collection

Filippo Loreti is one of the best things to happen to watch collectors in recent years, offering beautifully-made timepieces in a large variety of models and colors at affordable prices. 

In our own way, they have “democratised” watch collecting—transforming it from a stuffy preserve of the rich into an accessible pursuit for everyone from enthusiastic horologists to those who just want to have a few stylish options to pair with various outfits. 

The following emerald green watches are Filippo Loreti at their absolute best, with two classics of their genre enlivened with the luxurious combination of green, gold, and silver.

1. Odyssey Two Tone Green Link Watch

Odyssey Two Tone Green Link Watch

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First up is the Odyssey, one of Filippo Loreti’s original masterpieces. This vintage chronograph features intricate dial details showcasing its advanced chronograph functionality, which can be controlled with gold chronograph pushers. 

Don’t be fooled by its intricate design though—the Odyssey is a tough, durable watch that was originally designed for the outdoors. Its sapphire-coated mineral glass exterior and 316L stainless steel case make it just as comfortable for deep-water diving as it is for other active pursuits like tennis and mountain-climbing, this is a truly multi-purpose watch that is functional, elegant, and looks great just about anywhere. 

Because the Odyssey doesn’t skimp on luxury either. The case back features a stunning engraved artwork, with two seahorses on either side of a royal crest, but it is the combination of green, gold, and silver that makes this particular model stand out. The two-tone design on the stainless steel link bracelet brings to mind a Riviera-style of Martinis, Maseratis, and Marinas—the very definition of style.

2. Ascari Moss Rose Gold Rubber Green Dial Watch

Ascari Moss Rose Gold Rubber Green Watch

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Our second green beauty is another one of Filippo Loreti’s all-time bestsellers, the Ascari. With a more minimalist dial than the Odyssey, the Ascari features a clean, uncomplicated look with the only extra detail coming in the form of a simple date display. 

Also designed with outdoor pursuits in mind, this masculine dive watch is the ideal middle ground between practicality and good looks, perfect for everywhere from the ocean to the office. Like the Odyssey it features an engraved case back, this time of Alberto Ascari’s racing legacy car, and an elegant rubber strap, this time in an unusual dark green color. 

The combination of rose gold with emerald green creates a unique and truly eye-catching contrast, one that is suggestive of formal and important occasions like a dinner date, or an important company event. 

This special, one-of-a-kind green watch is ideal for the man who likes to make a statement without being too flashy about it.

Final Thoughts

As you can clearly see, green watches make for bold and elegant timepieces that become items of true luxury when paired with gold, silver, or both. 

These two examples from Filippo Loreti are the ideal starting point for adding a green watch into your collection, and firmly end the discussion about whether green is still trending or not. Green is here to stay, and we’re looking forward to more!

Check out our green collection for even more gorgeous greens while the price is right—there’s never been a better time to pick one up!