Best stainless steel watches for men

Ascari Stainless Steel White Link Watch from  Filippo Loreti

If you are intending to buy a wristwatch, you must be in two minds about choosing what watch brand to buy and the style of your watch. In this article, we will recommend a style of timepiece that everyone should own at least one in their collection - a stainless steel watch. These days, stainless steel is a popular material for watch cases thanks to its various benefits.

Why should you buy a stainless steel watch?

Florence Silver White Stainless Steel Watch from  Filippo Loreti

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Stainless steel is widely used in a multiplicity of products, ranging from kitchenware to medical instruments and the timepiece is absolutely not an exception. And obviously, its wide application in many fields boils down to great advantages that this material can offer. Here are some benefits of a stainless steel watch:


The most important feature of this material is its anti-corrosive nature, which makes it stand out among other materials in watch manufacturing. A stainless steel watch is able to endure corrosion in damp air or in water environments thanks to its layer of chromium oxide. Therefore, this style of the timepiece can maintain its appearance for a long time.


A stainless steel watch is a long-lasting accessory as it is noticeably hard. Therefore, it’s scratch-resistant, durable, and a perfect everyday wearer.

Modern and trendy design for any occasions

This kind of timepiece is really fashionable and versatile. It is easy to mix and match as it’s less flashy. It also blends in with various outfits, therefore, you can wear it on different occasions, from solemn events to informal meetings. Furthermore, many users enjoy the stainless steel’s shiny surface and this makes your watch look modern and elegant.


Odyssey Two Tone Gold Blue Link Stainless Steel Watch from Filippo Loreti

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Another advantage of a stainless steel watch is that cleaning it is a child’s play. In comparison with other materials like leather, stainless steel doesn’t require special tools to clean it.


Stainless steel is completely recyclable, so by using this material, you are giving a helping hand in environmental protection.

Best value

A stainless steel watch’s price is affordable and truly justified. It is an appropriate item for those who want to purchase a fashionable watch at a reasonable price.

Why are stainless steel watches from Filippo Loreti your best choice?

We offer a wide range of designs of men's stainless steel watches, so you can choose one that you love easily. Besides, all of them are high-quality, attractive, and meticulously made. Watches from Filippo Loreti are pre-ordered and each style is limited in quantity. Therefore, our all watches are not wide-spread and customers can get unique watches created for themselves. If you are looking for a stainless steel timepiece for men, you should discover our stainless steel watch collection.

Top 3 stainless steel watches from Filippo Loreti

1. Venice Moonphase Watch

Automatic Venice Blue Gold Mesh Stainless Steel Watch from  Filippo Loreti

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The most outstanding feature of this watch is that it is high-quality and scratch-resistant. The strap is mesh and stainless steel. For the watch aesthetics, it is Italian-inspired by Italian style and architecture. This is apparent through case back where you can see an engraving of the Basilica di San Marco which is a stunning place in Venice, Italy. The watch has a moon phase complication that is very elegant. Furthermore, the sub-dials of the dates are well-balanced along with the markers. The best of all, the Venice moon phase series is fairly affordable for everybody. There are multiple of colors for you to choose from such as Silver, Black Gold, Rose Gold Blue, etc.

2. Ascari Watch Series 

Ascari GrandPrix GP 1953 Stainless Steel Watch from  Filippo Loreti

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The first impression that the Ascari watch conveys is its unique and masculine look. Its luminous hands with white dials make sure you can see every detail clearly at any time you want. This series is a homage to a famous race, Alberto Ascari, therefore, there is an impressive artwork on the case back which features Alberto Ascari’s legendary vehicle. The quality of this timepiece is great, with water resistance (up to 100 meters) and scratch-prone glass. There are many available colors range for you to choose such as Black, Two-Tone Gold, Indigo Rose Gold, etc.

3. Okeanos Watches Collection

Okeanos Classic White Link Stainless Steel Watch from  Filippo Loreti

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The watch gives a lasting impression on users by its elegant, subtle, and masculine appearance, coupled with the stainless steel. The most noticeable characteristic of this watch is its luminescent details which can help you to tell time despite the darkness. Using stainless steel cases, the Okeanos Collection is corrosion-resistant and appropriate for water activities, with the ability to be water-resistant at 100 meters. The case back and the crown feature a sophisticated engraving of the trident of Oceanus, making it a unique watch for men.


Stainless steel watches from Filippo Loreti are a perfect solution for your timekeeping and fashion in everyday life. We hope this article can help you with the decision of stainless steel watch for your everyday outfit.