5 Watches that Will Add New Life To Your Favorite Daily Outfits

Men's watches Under $200

A wristwatch is a must-have item that not only helps you to keep track of time but also plays an important role in improving your appearance. A watch is a vital accessory because if you change it, all parts of your outfit will look different. Therefore, if you are planning to breathe new life into your existing styles, changing your watch is not a bad idea.

Okeanos Grey Steel Link Watch from Filippo Loreti

In this article, we will recommend 5 best watches under 200$ from Filippo Loreti that can make your daily looks feel fresh again.

Why should you choose watches from Filippo Loreti?

We offer a lot of different watches for different outfits, so you can easily find the best one for you. At Filippo Loreti we created a wide range of products with various styles, ranging from modern to classic watches. All of their offerings are high-quality, trendy, and with a reasonable price. Practically all our watches are pre-ordered and each style is limited in quantity. Therefore, they are not wide-spread and customers can get unique watches created for themselves. If you intend to purchase a new watch, you should take the following models into consideration.

Top 5 best watches for men under 200$

1. Venice Moonphase Watches

Venice Moonphase Watches from Filippo Loreti

The most outstanding feature of this watch is that it is high-quality and scratch-resistant. You can choose between mesh and stainless steel strap. The watch is Italian-inspired by Italian style and architecture. This can be seen through the case back where you can see an engraving of the Basilica di San Marco which is a stunning place in Venice, Italy. The watch has a moon phase complication that is very attractive. The best of all, the Venice moonphase watch series is affordable for everybody. All of these factors help it become a unique watch for men.

2. Okeanos Watches

Okeanos Watches Collection from Filippo Loreti

The watch gives a lasting impression on users by its elegant, subtle, and masculine appearance. It is a great combination of formal and casual dress with an emphasis on the needs of the modern man. The most noticeable characteristic of this watch is its luminescent details which can help you to tell time despite the darkness. Using stainless steel cases, the Okeanos Collection is corrosion-resistant and will hold up under pressure, appropriate for water activities, with the ability to be water-resistant at 100 meters. The case back and the crown feature a sophisticated engraving of the trident of Oceanus, making it a unique watch for men.

3. Ascari Watches

Ascari Retro Blue Link Watch From Filippo Loreti

The first impression that this watch conveys is its unique and masculine look. Its luminous hands with white dials make sure you can see every detail clearly at any time you want. This series is a homage to a famous race, Alberto Ascari, therefore, there is an impressive artwork on the case back which features Alberto Ascari’s legendary vehicle. The quality of this cool watch is great, with water resistance (up to 100 meters) and scratch-prone glass. This timepiece is most suitable when you are wearing suits as it makes you look so gentlemanly.

4. Odyssey Watches

Odyssey Sand & Steel Racer Watch from Filippo Loreti

It is really a stylish watch for those who are a huge fan of vintage style. For the watch aesthetics, it is Italian-inspired. Through the back of the case, we can see a sophisticated engraving of two regal seahorses. In addition, with its luminous hands and markings, you can check the time any time you like. With its cutting-edge chronograph functionality, you can start and stop the time easily. You can also change out the straps and switch it up to another style of straps to change its appearance.

5. Rome Series Watches

Rome Rose Gold Watch from Filippo Loreti

From the name of this collection, we can know that it takes inspiration from Rome, Italy. This is apparent through its case back where Piazza Del Campidoglio-a spectacular spot in Rome is engraved. Its materials are also top-notch and durable. This timepiece shines by itself on your wrist, providing an accurate reflection of the sapphire-colored background. You can release the straps and change them with different styles as the watch is easy to mix and match.


Watches from Filippo Loreti can be a bright detail of any outfit. All our watches will fulfill the needs of modern trendy men, balancing its function and appearance. We hope our list of 5 best watches for daily outfits will give you a lot of useful information and help you find out the best watch for yourself.