5 Best New Watches for Women to Invest in Now

Watches for Women to Invest Now from Filippo Loreti

Is a ladies stylish watch a good investment? For women, wristwatches typically aren’t used as investment vehicles. Unlike real estate, a wristwatch won’t increase in monetary value. Instead, buying a watch from a premium line of stylish watches for women comes down to loving the look and feel of the timepiece. Distinguished and elegant premium watches for ladies can stand the test of time and complete your ensembles for years to come. 

Why Invest in a Ladies Stylish Watch?

Venice Moonphase Rose Gold Blue Mesh Watch from Filippo Loreti

Stylish wrist watches for ladies have much to offer the wearer. For one thing, trendy women’s watches can add shine to an otherwise everyday outfit. Is your dress all black? You can add a pop of colour with a vibrant wristwatch. Wearing a stylish watch in a contrasting colour to your outfit can really make a statement when neutrals just won’t cut it for the occasion. 

But while premium watches for ladies can make a colourful mark, they’re also a practical choice. But who wants to spend thousands of dollars on a premium watch when you can get a classic, high-quality timepiece for a fraction of the cost? 

At Filippo Loreti, we believe in bringing stylish, premium ladies watches to the market without the hefty price tag. You can get a stylish and trendy, high-quality watch for an affordable price from our line of ladies' watches. Let’s take a look at the top five best new watches for women to invest in from our range of premium watches—all for under $300. 

1. Marble Rose Gold White Watch  

Marble Rose Gold White Watch from Filippo Loreti

The Marble Rose Gold White watch from the Marble Series is a classic timepiece that any stylish lady would enjoy wearing. The soft, baby blue strap in full-grain leather is not only durable, but it's also the perfect colour to wear just in time for spring to make its appearance. A 316L stainless steel case guarantees a quality standard in timeless rose gold. 

2. Asea Two Tone Cream Gold New Stylish Ladies Watch


Asea Two Tone Cream Gold Ladies Watch from Filippo Loreti

Gold is a classic look that never goes out of style. Add warmth to any outfit with the trendy and stylish Asea Two Tone Cream Gold watch from Filippo Loreti. The cream dial adds a subtle, yet sophisticated finish to the watch face. And, the contrasting colours of the piece are sure to make a statement for any occasion. With Swarovski crystals adorning the hour markers, this design is an absolute steal at under $200. 

3. Essence Marble Gold White Watch


Essence Gold White Marble Mesh Watch For Ladies From Filippo Loreti

The Essence Marble Gold White watch offers simple, elegant lines that will never go out of style. This design will give you the perfect, finishing touch to your outfit. If you’re a fan of versatile neutrals, this is a great watch to invest in right now. 

4. Marble Gold Mesh Women's Watch


Marble Gold Mesh Women's Watch from Filippo Loreti

The Marble Gold Mesh is very much a statement piece, offering the wearer rich, warm colour. The mesh is soft and comfortable to wear, and the white marble face of the watch is accented with chic gold dials. 

5. Venice Moon Phase Silver Mesh Watch


Venice Moon Phase Silver Mesh Watch for Women from Filippo Loreti

Classic moon phase watches are designs that you don’t see every day. With this unique, trendy watch design for women, you’ll be sure to make a statement. This Italian-inspired design offers unparalleled detailing—from the moon phase complication to the artwork on the case back. The silver mesh bracelet is made of durable stainless steel, and the timeless silver look will complement both formal and casual outfits. 

Premium Ladies Watches from Filippo Loreti: For Every Trendy Woman

Our line of stylish women’s watches offers trendy women everywhere excellent variety and a wide range of colours and styles. From soft leather straps to two-tone and mesh bracelets, there’s something for every fashionable woman we offer. Shop now and get your exotic, intricate, and affordable premium ladies watch from Filippo Loreti today.