Protection Package Terms & Conditions

Safety protection plan includes:


  • 2 years coverage for accidental damage;
  • Free shipping and repairs;
  • Priority support. 

What is the safety protection plan 


Safety protection plan gives you a 2 year coverage for accidental damage. This offer is only applicable for 1 timepiece per order, meaning that if more than one timepiece is purchased the safety protection plan should be added for every model in your cart. Please note that in case of a return the amount paid for the safety protection plan is not refundable. Additionally, if the timepiece is exchanged to a new model, the safety protection plan is counted from the date the order was originally placed. 


How to file a claim


With the safety protection plan, you receive prioritized support, therefore, after filling your claim via a representative will get back to you within 24 hours with a reply. We guarantee free shipping and repair, meaning that we will collect the timepiece with a courier to have it shipped to our warranty office. After the repair the timepiece will be dispatched back to you free of charge as well. In case we will not be able to repair the timepiece other alternative options will be offered.