All good things are worth waiting for.

Every timepiece from the Filippo Loreti collection is treated with the care and attention usually lavished on unique and irreplaceable works of art.

Due to the unprecedented demand for our luxury timepieces, and the artisan limited capacity of our workshops, timepieces from limited edition collections are shipped on a first come, first served basis. This helps to ensure that every handcrafted timepiece receives the attention worthy of a Filippo Loreti precision instrument.

The sooner you order, the sooner you will experience the realization of owning a classic and timeless Filippo Loreti timepiece.

Please take note:

For models with an active waitlist it may take up to several months for delivery of your exclusive handcrafted timepiece.  

Once we begin the process of producing your made-to-order items we are no longer able to cancel it, as the order is being pushed directly to our manufacturers. Please note that you are still able to return or exchange your received timepiece at any time, as we are offering 90days returns/exchanges.

Here is the process:

1). You place your order and reserve your selected designs

2). You will receive an email notification advising the estimated delivery time

3). During the period when our craftsmen are working on your exclusive timepiece you will be granted access to our 'Bespoke Experience', a behind the scenes experience from our workshops giving an insight into the process behind hand-crafting.

You will also receive regular updates, via email from our style concierge, outlining which stage of production your timepiece is currently at.