Why Is An Automatic Watch Better Than A Manual?

Why Is An Automatic Watch Better Than A Manual

If you are fascinated by mechanical watches, you will eventually have to make a choice between automatic watches and manual watches when you want to buy. You can actually add manual and automatic watches to your watch collections, but when you need just one, the automatic watch is considered the better choice. 

First Things First: What is The Mechanical Movement

Automatic Watches making process

The mechanical watch movement is the oldest type of watch movement that is powered by engines that are made up of tightly wound springs. Unlike quartz watches, mechanical watches do not need batteries at all. Once their mainsprings are properly wound, they can keep accurate time. 

What is the difference between automatic and mechanical watches? 

The first important thing to know about mechanical watches is that they need winding. Without proper winding, both automatic and manual watches cannot work. The winding is normally achieved by turning the crown (the knob that is positioned on the side of the watch case). Some mechanical watches use a winding key. 

The primary difference between automatic and manual watches is in the way they are wound. While automatic watches are self-winding watches, manual watches are hand-wound watches. While you have to wind manual watches often to keep them working, you will only need to wind automatic watches once in a long while. 

Another way to understand the major difference between manual watches and automatic watches is to understand their histories. The manual watch is the oldest type of mechanical watch. It dates back to the 16th century. Depending on the power reserve of a manual watch, wearers had to wind it every day. 

Automatic watches were invented to make mechanical watches easier to use. The first automatic watch was invented by introducing a rotor that spins and automatically winds the watch's mainspring. As long as the wearer’s wrist is moving, the winding will continue, keeping the watch accurate. 

Why Buy An Automatic Watch Instead Of A Manual Watch? 

Automatic Watch Mechanism

All mechanical watches are desirable. However, most people prefer automatic watches to manual watches for different reasons. Here are some important reasons automatic watches are considered to be better than manual watches:

They Are More Convenient To Use 

Unlike manual watches, automatic watches don't need daily winding. You will only need to wind them when you buy them for the first time or when you haven't worn them for a long time. This makes them very convenient to use. 

They Are More Accurate 

Automatic watches are considered to be slightly more accurate than manual watches. This is simply because when you wind them and keep using them, they will never stop. Winding manual watches often means you will also set the time always, and the chances of being accurate always are minimised. 

They Are Easily Available 

People prefer automatic watches, so it is understandable that they are easily available. You can find automatic watches from most watch dealer, but manual watches are pretty rare. 

They Are Often More Durable 

Automatic watches are more durable than manual watches. You don't have to wind them often, so it is understandable that wear and tear take longer to happen, contrary to what obtains with manual watches that you have to wind almost every day. 

The Best Automatic Watches to Buy Now 

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