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Worldtimer Watch For Men And Women Online

From Hong Kong and London to New York and Sydney, the new World Timer Collection from Filippo Loreti puts the whole world on your wrist. Tell the time in 24 of the world’s major cities at a glance with our revolutionary multi-time zone dial. Whether you’re a frequent flyer, business traveler or international gentleman, this watch is designed for citizens of the world.

Worldtimer London Limited Edition Watch For Men And Women Online

London Greenwich

Our limited edition Greenwich watch is inspired by the Mean Time location in London where sophisticated businessmen rub shoulders with the capital’s coolest residents. The all-black design is suitable for the office and will keep you looking sharp after-hours. The Greenwich watch has been made in limited numbers of 1884 to mark the year GMT was adopted by the international community.

Worldtimer Dubai Watch For Men And Women Online


Reflecting the glitz and glamor of Dubai’s soaring skyscrapers and the rippling reflections of the nearby Persian Sea, this rose gold and blue World Timer watch is for jet setters and go-getters.

Worldtimer New York Watch For Men And Women Online

New York

It’s the city that never sleeps and the New York World Timer is always bright. The combination of silver, white and gold provides a classically cool aesthetic that will never go out of style, just like the city that inspired it.

Worldtimer Azores Watch For Men And Women Online


The blue and silver palette of the Azores World Timer reflects the seas and skies of the wild shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Imagine a hypnotic blend of white waves crashing on the coast and be transported to the remote archipelago.

Worldtimer Tokyo Watch For Men And Women Online


Tokyo is a city of contrasts, just like the watch it inspired. Modern architecture and steel buildings dominate the skyline but at eye level, traditional Japanese tea houses line the narrow streets. The Tokyo World Timer features a contemporary black dial and silver case with half the markings in red, representing the Land of The Rising Sun.

So which Worldtimer will you choose? From the glitz and glamor of Dubai, to the futuristic modernism of Tokyo, each watch has a unique aesthetic and character just like the city it’s inspired by. Choose one that suits your own unique style and taste.