The Ultimate Jewelry Gift Guide

Filippo Loreti Ultimate Jewelry Gift Guide

Jewelry makes the perfect gift. It’s personal, stylish and ever-so thoughtful. So if you’re looking for a present for a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or even your mum, check out the premium jewelry from Filippo Loreti for some gift ideas. 

Jewelry for your girlfriend

Whether it’s a very special anniversary gift, or a present just to show her how much you love her, you’ll find some jewelry from Filippo Loreti that she’ll love.

Are you wondering how to pick the perfect gift for your girlfriend? Why not have a little snoop in her jewelry box and see what pieces she already owns. Is she a minimalist with a penchant for simple pieces? Then she’ll love the Sophia Earrings.

Sophia Gold Earring

Or maybe she likes her jewelry to attract attention. If that's the case, the Euphoria Necklace will be perfect for her. If you can, have a subtle browse or simply take not of what she currently wears then you can’t really go wrong. 

Euphoria Gold Necklace For Women

It’s also worth checking what color jewelry she usually wears. If she’s a fan of silver, or a loyal wearer of gold then it might be worth getting her something in the same hue. Although you can forget the age-old myth that gold and silver shouldn’t be mixed. Because mixing and stacking your jewelry in lots of different shades is one of the season’s biggest jewelry trends. 

Another thing to take note of is her outfits. If she is always wearing high-neck tops then some earrings will make a great addition. However, if she favors V-neck T-shirts and more low cut tops then a statement necklace like Diana Necklace is perfect. 

When it comes to deciding what piece she’ll love, consider all the different jewelry types. Rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings are all thoughtful options. 

A ring is perfect for a girlfriend as it’s not only stylish but also acts as a symbol of your commitment. Take a look at our collection of beautiful rings. A ring like the Lisa ring is such a personal gift that you might not buy one for just anyone, but your girlfriend will love. 

Lisa Gold Ring for Women

A necklace gift for your girlfriend is also a great choice. She can wear it with all her outfits and be reminded of your thoughtful generosity. Choose a classic one from our premium collection like the Portia necklace and she’ll wear it every day. 

Portia Silver Necklace for Women

Jewelry For your boyfriend

Men like jewelry too and if you’re looking for jewelry for your boyfriend then you’ve come to the right place. At Filippo Loreti we have lots of premium pieces that will suit even the most masculine customers. Our rings will add a touch of rugged charm to his look, and are the ideal gift for a special occasion. Something like the round signet is the perfect men's jewelry gift. 

Choosing a ring can depend on the other jewelry that your boyfriend already wears. If he has a silver necklace or watch then choosing a silver ring will be a fail-safe option. 

Jewelry For your mum

Your mum is so good to you, and you should show her how much she means to you. A jewelry gift is a perfect way to do this. It doesn’t have to be a Mothers Day jewelry gift either. Every day of the year should be a chance to show your mum how much she means to you. 

Our ladies' jewelry has been designed in-house by our female design team because we know that no one knows what women want to wear better than other women. That means you can be sure you’re getting something for your mum that is feminine, youthful and totally her. The Silvia Necklace is a best-seller for a reason and will look good with all of your mum’s favorite outfits. 

Silvia Gold Necklace For Women

Because she means so much to you, you want to make sure that the jewelry you give to your mum as a gift is the best quality. At Filippo Loreti all of our jewelry is hand-crafted from the finest materials so you can be sure that she’s getting the best of the best and it will last year after year. 

Jewelry For your brother

So it’s your brother’s birthday and you want to get him something special. If you don’t want to stretch to a premium watch, then why not treat him to some premium jewelry instead? The price is lower but the quality and wow-factor are exactly the same. Our rings for men like our Narrow Split ring are cool, casual and will never go out of style. 

Jewelry For your best friend

Do you ever need an excuse to treat your best friend? Getting her a piece of jewelry will show her how much she means to you. Why not take a look at our Cosmopolitan range which is inspired by strong women who have traveled the globe. This bold and unique collection will remind her of how special female friendship can be and also act as a constant reminder of what women can achieve when they stick together. Each piece is named after a different woman who influenced the world of travel, so take a look at the collection and choose a piece with a story that will resonate with you and your best friend. The Robyn Necklace is particularly beautiful. 

And most important…Jewelry for yourself

It’s not just your loved ones who deserve to be spoiled. You deserve a present too. Treat yourself to a stunning piece of premium jewelry from Filippo Loreti to remind yourself of your own achievements. Choose a bracelet like the Amy or the Eva that you will see every time that you look down at your wrist or some statement earrings like our Awe hoops which you can wear every day to bring life to your outfits. 

Amy Gold Bracelet for Women

No one knows your own taste and style better than you do, so why wait around for someone else to buy you something special? Treat yourself today to the gift of jewelry as a constant reminder of self-love and personal kindness. 

At Filippo Loreti we have a stunning selection of premium jewelry. Our varied styles mean you’re guaranteed to find something they love, so whoever you’re buying for, the perfect present is just a few clicks away.