Filippo Loreti considers the right watch for the right season


The Goldilocks theorem posits that wristwatches come in many forms and sizes.  While some are big and heavy, others are smaller and lighter, while others still are somewhere in the middle or “just right.”  The same goes for the individuals who wear them.  Some prefer to own several timepieces, one for every occasion, while others prefer fewer pieces, other still may prefer to stick with just one watch that’s “just right.”  Indeed, there are no hard and fast rules to how many watches one should own.  Which is why a whole lot of people simply leave it to the weather.

There are certain features and styles that can make a watch more suitable for a particular season, the highlights being:

  1. Band material: In the summer, you may want a watch with a lightweight and breathable band, such as a fabric or NATO strap to keep your wrist cool.  In the colder months such as fall or winter, a leather strap can definitely keep your wrist warm…especially the wider models.  Metal bands, one the other hand, can be used in both hot and cold seasons.  But beware: the hotter or colder it gets so does the metal band.
  2. Case size and material: In the summer, smaller and lighter watches are preferable and will most likely be more comfortable to wear in the heat.  During the winter, a larger and heavier watch may be more appropriate since its extra coverage may add extra warmth to your wrist.
  3. Dial color: Bright and bold dial colors are popular in the summer, while darker and more somber colors tend to be more appropriate for the winter.
  4. Features: Certain watch features can be more suitable for specific seasons. For example, watches with chronograph functions may be more useful in the summer when tracking time spent on outdoor activities, while watches with moon phase displays may be more appropriate for the winter when stargazing is popular.

Ultimately, the number and choice of watch is a matter of personal preference and style rather than any external consideration one can muster.  And that’s because while there are those individuals who prefer to have several watches in their collection, there are those individuals who prefer to wear the same watch year-round.