Filippo Loreti considers the right watch on your wedding day

So the big day is finally here, and you’re ready to present your bride with something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  Your groomsmen are ready and the wedding ring is in the pocket of your best man.  Your tux has been pressed and your shoes have been shined to a mirror polish.  The maid of honor and the rest of the bride’s maids have taken care of everything else so the last thing on your all-important to-do-list is to decide what watch to wear.

Unless you’re Bear Grylls, you don’t want to go with a rugged G-Shock, and let’s be honest: nobody cares how much that brand new all-ceramic Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Off-Shore set you back, there’s no way you’re hiding that massive puppy under your cuff.  No, what you’re looking for is something subtle and something CLASSIC.  Most importantly, you’re looking for something that will NOT take the attention away from THE BRIDE.  Believe me, SHE is the star of this particular show and the more you understand that the better the rest of your married life will be.

Naturally, choosing the right watch for your wedding day depends on your personal style, the formality of your wedding, and (of course) your budget.  Indeed, as the groom, your outfit on the big day should be a reflection of your personality and style so your timepiece should be a reflection of that, as well.  If you’re a classic type of guy a simple dress watch with a clean dial and a leather strap might be a good choice, while if you're more modern and trendy, a sleek stainless steel watch with a minimalist design could be a better fit.  The effective word being: minimalist.

If the formality of the wedding is what should be considered then a sophisticated dress watch with a formal aesthetic would be better suited for a formal black-time wedding.  While a slim(ish) sport watch with either a metal bracelet or light colored leather strap would be more appropriate for a casual or outdoor wedding.  One thing’s for sure, stay away from fabric, NATO or rubber straps.  This is your big day after all so let’s give the bride her due.

Your watch should also complement your wedding attire.  If you’re wearing a black suit or tux, for example, a dress watch in white gold is a stylish choice.  In contrast, a yellow gold watch will coordinate perfectly with a gold-toned suit.  One should also pay attention to size and comfort.  Too large and the watch won’t fit under any cuff, while too small will look awkward on your man-sized wrist.  Keep in mind that you'll be wearing that watch for an extended period of time on your wedding day, so make sure it fits comfortably and not add any unwanted distractions to what should be a joyous and festive occasion.

Also, stick to your budget.  Weddings can already be outrageously expensive (again, the bride is the queen) so don’t go out and make a grand purchase that will break the bank.  Trust me, you DO NOT want to start your marriage that way.  If you can, stick with the watch you already have, and if you need to, BORROW ONE.  Consider wearing a sentimental timepiece on your wedding day.  It could be a family heirloom, a watch gifted by a loved one, or a watch with special meaning to you and your partner.  Indeed, wearing a sentimental watch can add emotional value to your wedding day and make it even more special.  Only go out and buy one if you really need to.  Remember, watches are available at various price points, so find something that fits your budget but still looks stylish.  

If your budget allows, you can’t go wrong with a classic three-hander or time-only watch from Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, IWC, or Longines.  At the opposite end of the price spectrum, the Chemin Des Tourelles, Le Locle and the Gentleman all from Tissot won’t break the bank but are never the less wonderfully elegant any of them would add class to any outfit they’re thrown at.  Even the Hamilton Khaki “Murph” should get a mention.  Yes, it’s design may have been inspired by field watches from WWII but is so elegant in its execution it will add loads of character to any outfit.  Just remember that any watch is a long-term investment, so choose a quality timepiece that you'll enjoy wearing beyond your wedding day.

Ultimately, the right watch for your wedding day is a personal choice that reflects your style, the formality of your wedding, and your budget.  Consider your preferences, coordinate with your attire, and choose a timepiece that makes you feel confident and comfortable on your big day (it won’t hurt if she approves of the watch as well).