Reasons to wear an Italian-style watch in 2022

Reasons to wear an Italian-style watch in 2022 - Filippo Loreti

With the COVID-19 pandemic hopefully beginning to subside, we’re emerging from the shadows with a new sense of confidence and vigor. Gone are the days of sweatpants and hoodies, when the only people we met were cashiers and delivery guys. Soon it will be time to mingle again, and we’re ready to do it in style. 

The Beauty of Italian Style

The words “made in Italy” have become synonymous with quality and fine design. But how to define the Italian style? The answer is not as straightforward as you might think. Because while Italian style is instantly recognizable, it can be difficult to emulate. Much of this is down to the nature of the Italian people - both passionate and attentive to detail, yet laid back at the same time. The result is a complex mixture of casual yet carefully constructed, the hallmark of one of the world’s most stylish nations. 

How to Wear a Watch Like an Italian

Watch collecting is a common hobby in Italy, with nearly every man showing at least a passing interest in owning a high-quality watch. They understand the value that a good watch brings - a simple white shirt and jeans are completely transformed by a flash of elegance on the wrist. A well-chosen watch brings not only style but status too, making even a bankrupt man look a million dollars!

Take Gianni Agnelli for example. The billionaire entrepreneur became an icon of Italian style thanks to his impeccable and slightly eccentric fashion sense. One of his main quirks was his habit of wearing his luxury watch on the outside of his cuff. He did this to show the world what he was wearing and to leave people in doubt of his worth.

That’s not to say that you should start wearing your watch over your sleeve. However, the habit of wearing watches lower on the wrist, at the spot where the wrist meets the hand, is a trademark of the Italian style. This ensures that the watch is always visible and allows you to make a real statement. 

Filippo Loreti and Italian Style 

Filippo Loreti delivers high-quality, Italian-style watches at affordable prices. It’s able to do this thanks to its innovative direct-to-consumer business model, cutting out expensive marketing and middlemen to bring luxury to your door. All watches are made to order, a sustainable way of meeting demand and meaning that your watch was created just for you. With the highest quality materials and the finest craftsmanship, this young and exciting brand has found a way to make luxury watches accessible to everyone. 

The founders Danielius and Matas Jakutis have a background in Italian design and were inspired by the culture and stunning architecture of this special nation. Frustrated by $1,000+ prices on watches that cost only $100 to produce, they decided to combine their talents to create the perfect combination of affordability and iconic Italian style. Filippo Loreti has gone from strength to strength ever since, expanding its collections to offer something for every occasion. 

5 of the Best Italian Wrist Watches by Filippo Loreti

Sports watches are essential to the Italian style. Colorful, complex, and eye-catching, a dive or chronograph watch lends a masculine look to a smart-casual outfit. The Ascari Monza collection pays homage to a true Italian champion with a racing watch of outstanding quality. 

The Ascari Monza Heritage Edition Blue Rubber is inspired by Alberto Ascari, the first Italian World Champion and a legend of motorsport. Ascari drove his Ferrari to glory in the 1952 and 1953 seasons, becoming the first driver to win back-to-back titles. This watch is the ideal tribute to his achievements, with dashboard-inspired chronograph features and a modern meca-quartz movement. The sporty look is complemented by fine polished textures and details, with an artistic engraving of Ascari’s iconic car on the case back adding the final touch. 

Perfect for anyone who’s dreamed of driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini around one of Italy’s many racing circuits, this unique piece of retro Italian style can be yours for just €227.


For those who prefer a slightly more understated look, the Ascari Monza Heritage Edition Black Rose Steel Link is the choice for you. 

Boasting the same complex chronograph features as the Blue Rubber edition mentioned above, this version comes with a more elegant steel link bracelet and neutral black face. With gorgeous rose gold details adding a touch of luxury, you’ll find this edition more suited to formal wear and occasions when more subtlety is required. 

With a lot of extra luxury comes just a little extra cost. Amazingly, the Black Rose Steel Link is an absolute steal at just €271.   


Although sports watches are important to Italian style, there’s certainly a place for the dress watch too. Especially one that still manages to turn heads with a flash of unusual color. 

The Eterno Emerald is a stunning example of the year’s hottest trend - the green watch. Inspired by the Polerouter, an iconic aviation watch designed by Gerald Genta in the 1950s, this elegant timepiece combines a simple, classic face with an eye-catching hue, bringing a modern feel to a classic design. With a meticulously crafted automatic movement in the finest tradition of luxury watches, the Eterno Emerald adds a touch of class to a casual outfit such as a linen shirt and chinos. And the best part? It’s currently on sale for just €225. 


Similar to the Eterno mentioned above, the Eterno Gilded Hazel Link offers a more luxurious and formal option with its gilded face and gold details. 

Powered by the same automatic mechanical movement, a rarity in watches under $500, the Gilded Hazel Link also has a handy 41-hour power reserve, meaning that it will keep working long after you take it off. Its classic movement and design, combined with modern technology and convenience, make this the ideal timepiece for anywhere from the office to the most formal occasions. The option to engrave a personalized note on the case back also makes this the ideal luxury gift watch. Especially taking into account the price, which is an eminently affordable €248. 

We finish with a flourish. Named after Lake Como, the playground of the rich and famous and oozing with luxury holiday vibes, the Como Rose Black Link is an opulent edition of an otherwise casual and cool timepiece. 

Featuring a nautical-themed face with two chronograph hands reminiscent of a ship’s wheel, the Como is a robust and practical watch designed to withstand the rough and tumble of watersports. Precision polishing and a unique sunray dial add an extra gloss and provide a touch of luxury. However, this Rose Black Link edition takes it to the next level, with its case and Milanese-style bracelet coated in regal rose gold. This transforms a casual watch into a stunning status piece, ideal for showing your worth at the casino or behind the wheel of a sports car. 

The Como is one of Filippo Loreti’s most recent releases and comes just in time for the summer holiday season. You can get yours today for just €203. 

Wrap up

Step out of the pandemic in Italian style. When we’re feeling uncertain and facing changes it’s always good to go back to the classics, and nobody does the classics better than the Italians! For your luxurious Italian-style watch at affordable prices look no further than Filippo Loreti’s Men’s Watch Collection and grab yourself a bargain today!