Planning to buy jewelry online? Read this advice before you do anything else

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When it comes to shopping for jewelry online, the amount of choice can be overwhelming. From the types of metals you should invest in, to the trends that you should wear. It’s also hard to know where to buy your jewelry. There are so many options, that you might be left feeling clueless. So scroll down to read our tips that will leave you with a jewelry collection that’s stylish, brilliant quality and unique.

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Discover brands you love

When it comes to jewelry it’s worth shopping around to discover brands that you love and know you can trust. Once you find one that you love, it’s worth investing in a few of their pieces. 

Invest in classics with a twist 

The best way to build a beautiful and wearable jewelry collection is by investing in classic pieces that will never go out of style. However, you still want your jewelry to represent your taste, so ensure they have a stylish twist that makes them unique. Think pendants with unexpected details like our Layla Necklace and hoops like our Aurora Earrings that are slightly thicker than usual. Classic pieces will also look their best when they’re stacked and mixed and matched.

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Look for sets

If you want to stack and mix and match your jewelry, it is a good idea to invest in sets or bundles that have already been put together by expert stylists. All our pieces are made for stacking and layering, for example, try our Isla Necklace with our Lucia Necklace. At Filippo Loreti, we also sell sets of women’s necklaces that our team of stylists creates that will look amazing together. It saves you the hassle of trying to figure out which pieces to wear together. A ready-made way to wear the mix and match trend.

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Know your materials

There are certain things to know before buying gold jewelry which will make shopping for jewelry online easier. All our jewelry is made using vermeil gold and real silver, for the finest quality finish. Below, we will break down the details of what you should look for before making a purchase.

Gold Vermeil Jewelry

This is a high-quality version of gold plating that provides both long-lasting durability and affordability. If solid gold is out of your budget, then invest in some gold vermeil jewelry. To be called "vermeil", The gold must be at least 10K and it’s much higher quality than gold plating. Higher-end brands like us at Filippo Loreti use this technique as it keeps prices low but ensures the quality is high. It’s also one of the most long-lasting options. The gold will stay radiant and you’ll be able to enjoy your jewelry for years to come.

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Sterling silver jewelry

If you see the words sterling silver when you’re shopping for jewelry, you can guarantee that the quality will be good. It is the standard for beautiful high-quality silver jewelry. At over 90% pure silver, it won’t wear down with age and will stand the test of time. Pure silver, on the other hand, is soft, malleable, and easily damaged, which is why sterling silver is much more covetable than solid silver.

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Go straight to the source

The brilliant thing about shopping for jewelry online is that you’re often going straight to the source. You won’t need to pay markups for shop assistants and the cost of renting a physical store. So you’ll often be getting a better deal. At Filippo Loreti we use the finest materials and the most experienced jewelers, but we sell directly to you, so we don’t add unnecessary markups. 

Get ahead of a growing trend

Although the majority of people still like to purchase jewelry in person, there is a growing trend for buying jewelry online. And it’s not surprising considering the fair prices, huge choice of up-and-coming jewelry brands and unrivalled accessibility. Although online jewelry currently accounts for only a fraction (7%-8%) of the $257 billion global jewelry market, it’s estimated that it will grow at a much faster rate than traditional jewelry sales, capturing 15% of the market by 2022. So start buying online now to be at the forefront of a jewelry buying revolution.

When you’re building your jewelry collection online, shop with Filippo Loreti to unlock exclusive offers and discounts that will allow you to buy even more at even more jewelry at better prices.