Most Common Mistakes Made By Watch Owners

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And that’s just scratching the surface.

Alas, there are some common mistakes you make when wearing your watch, most of which can dent your style or profile. You don’t want to be caught with these fashion bloopers; hence, we have compiled a comprehensive list of avoidable blunders.

Repeating the same watch in the evening

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Indeed, you bought your watch so that you can realize its optimum potential. But there exists a fine line between reasonable use and a lackluster taste in fashion. Even though you aim to keep things simple, merely switching between watch straps during the day makes all the difference. The Stainless Steel Milanese Gold Mesh Bracelet, for example, will often compliment evening wears better than the Brown Vintage Italian Leather Strap you rocked to the office earlier in the day.

Not utilizing the full features of your watch

This is probably the most common mistake nowadays. Not knowing the features of your watch is equivalent to mediocrity. Again, different watches spot various designs and complications, most of which are distinguishing features. Chronograph display, water resistance and moonphase indicator are classic complications in high-end timepieces that are relevant during road trips. The GMT and chronograph, respectively measuring elapsed time and tracking elapsed time zones as seen in Ascari Grand Prix GP 1953, are other features that are beneficial to the wearer.

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Splurging money on timepieces

Buying premium wrist-watches, especially the hand-made types, is (sometimes) cutthroat expensive. However, a good number of wrist-watch brands have a fine range of watches, from less expensive ones to the pricier models, each class often upholding the unique aesthetics and mechanical features of the brand. That said, it is more than necessary to shop on a budget even while maintaining a specific taste. For example, the Filippo Loreti brand includes premium wrist-watches at amazing prices due to the fact that we’re able to cut the middleman from the supply chain, thereby, offering quality timepieces lower than our competitors.

Wearing leather straps in summer

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Watches, like clothes and similar accessories, are seasonal items. It is normal to sweat profusely during the heat, compelling NATO straps as the more comfortable option during summer. Luckily, Filippo Loreti has myriads of interchangeable watch bracelets for different seasons. Which means you can conveniently switch straps when you are about to hit the beach.

Improper maintenance

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Poor maintenance culture is detrimental to wrist-watches as you’ll come to understand. Regardless of the price or warranty, your wrist-watch will wear eventually. For this reason, you should maintain your timepiece religiously so it outlives the set warranty. Our warranty at Filippo Loreti is 10 years but you should bear in the first place, Filippo Loreti stocks quality, and long-lasting timepieces.

If you are a great fan of wrist-watches, it makes complete sense also to avoid these common mistakes, seeing that they are malleable. You should be wary of these mistakes if you intend to enjoy your investment for longer.