Filippo Loreti collaborates with a renowned Italian industrial designer for the ultimate fusion of design and craftsmanship


Simone Mazzucato was born in Milan, Italy and grew up surrounded by his family’s silversmith manufacture.  This resulted in Simone developing a passion for Italian beauty and the manufacturing arts at a very young age.  This passion was honed into a career in Industrial Design, which began with the Italian watchmaker, Locman Italy.  Simone’s reinterpretation of the brand’s classic style with innovative materials and designs were instrumental to Locman’s success in the early 2000’s.  Indeed, Simone’s strength has always been his boundary-less approach to design, as well as his ability to create links between the old world and the new within a single product.

Simone Mazzucato has since founded and is the Art Director of Mazzucato Design, the very first international watch design studio in Hong Kong, which has collaborated with many internationally renowned watch brands to create some very unique watches.  Indeed, Mazzucato watches stand apart and belong in a category of their own: that of the no-holds-barred variety, and feature out-of-this-world designs that are not for the faint of heart.

Not the least of which, is the exciting Mazzucato Watches, the frankly bombastic watch brand known for its high quality and cutting-edge designs that stands by its slogan: “Never Boring.”  Indeed, Mazzucato Watches is a multi-award winner, winning the silver award at the European Product Design Awards in 2018, and the gold this year for the RIM Scuba, a timepiece that also won the Big See Product Design Award 2020.

This year, Simone Mazzucato is bringing his decades of expertise in watch design and manufacturing to Filippo Loreti, the watchmaker that has been redefining the luxury watch industry for the past decade.  The Filippo Loreti X Simone Mazzucato collection melds Simone’s singular design vision with Filippo Loreti’s inherently indelible elegance.  Indeed, these watches designed by Simone Mazzucato but curated by Filippo Loreti once again stand apart from the norm and are the perfect blend of Simone Mazzucato’s “Never Boring” style tempered by the elegance of Filippo Loreti.

The first set of EGO watches are elegant but robust 3-hand, time and date timepieces driven by the Japanese-made Miyota 2117 quartz movement.  The sophisticated EGO TISTIC, the sporty EGO MANIAC, and the fashionable EGO CENTRIC all feature a date display at 3 o’clock; different colored dials; ceramic uni-directional bezels in different colors; applied stainless steel hour indices; are water-resistant to 50 meters; and boast rather large 46mm diameter 316L stainless steel cases, the finishing of which can be personalized to suit anyone’s preference, as well as a choice of three different kinds of straps.

Next up is another set of three 3-hand EGO watches powered by the VX3J Epson quartz watch movement.  This 3-hand movement features the date and day of the week via three chronograph-type counters in a classic tri-compax layout: the date counter at 3 o’clock; a 24-hour counter that can be used as a day and night indicator at 6 o’clock; and the day of the week counter at 9 o’clock.  Indeed, the menacing looking ALTER EGO, the fresh faced MULTI EGO, and the striking SUPER EGO watches all sport large 46mm 316L stainless steel cases with a choice of three finishes, and are matched with a choice of three types of straps each.

 My vision is to create timepieces that are not only beautiful, but also meaningful and timeless, that can be passed down from generation to generation. –Simone Mazzucato

To celebrate the Filippo Loreti X Simone Mazzucato collection, every purchase of any Filippo Loreti x Mazzucato gentleman’s watch comes with a free Mazzucato ladies watch!  Choose from any of four Simone Mazzucato timepieces especially designed for women.  Indeed, the SUPER EGO, the EGO TISTIC, the MULTI EGO, and the EGO CENTRIC ladies watches are the same classic Filippo Loreti X Simone Mazzucato timepieces, albeit modified to suit the more elegant and feminine nature of the fairer sex.

With limited quantities available, now is the time to own two pieces of watchmaking history designed to last a lifetime.  Reserve your timepieces today!