Best White Watches for Any Budget

Chronus White Gold Watches from Filippo Loreti

Contemporary style and timeless beauty come together in Filippos Loreti’s picture-perfect collection of white watches for women and men. The perfect white watch doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Gone are the days when “affordable” meant low quality, and “versatility” meant you had to break open your piggy bank. At Filippo Loreti we give you the beauty you want, the quality you need, and a price you can afford.

Chronus men's watch with white face from Filippo Loreti

Why Choose a White Watch?

Elegant, classic, versatile. A white watch goes with any outfit and works in any situation. 

  • Day to Night. Wear it when you run errands, then slip into something slinky for that big date. White dial watches work no matter what you’re wearing. 
  • Timeless Beauty. Trendy watches might dazzle, but next year they’ll be forgotten. A white wristwatch never goes out of style.
  • Endless Designs. White isn’t just white anymore. You’ve got a two-tone watch, white pearl, rose gold mesh, marble, and more. There’s a style for every taste. 

Top 5 White Watches from Filippo Loreti

We offer an amazing number of white watches for women and an even more amazing array of prices. Find what you’re looking for at any budget. Here are our top four favorite white watches for men and women you just couldn’t resist.

Essence Marble Rose Gold White Mesh Watch

Essence Marble Rose Gold White Mesh

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Hardened mineral glass protects the marble watches with a white face, and rose gold mesh adds just the right touch of timeless elegance. Quartz movement ensures you’ll always keep accurate time, and the simple yet classic style means you can wear this white and a gold watch anywhere. The cost of ageless beauty? Less than $100.

Essence Marble Gold White Watch

Essence Marble Gold White


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The white marble design is the same you’ll find on the Essence Marble Rose Gold, but this white gold watch holds one important difference—a real Italian leather strap. It’s beautiful, smooth, and fits comfortably around your wrist. Wear it to the office and then out to dinner, it moves seamlessly from one part of your day to the next. And the price? Less than $100.

Grace: Muse Watches Collection

Grace white dial watch from Muse Collection

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The name of this watch says it all. Grace is a classically designed white and silver watch with modern beauty. Featured in Filippo Loreti’s Muse Collection, its iconic design was inspired by the muses. It’s the ultimate in femininity and can be worn with either a link band or a leather strap. The Grace costs less than $150, and will never go out of style.

Asea Silver White Pearl Watch

Asea Silver White Pearl Watch from Filippo Loreti

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This limited edition mother of pearl design is one of the best white dial watches we’ve found anywhere. The back mermaid engraving inspires femininity, while the Swarovski crystals add a touch of timeless elegance. Miyota 2025 movement ensures accurate time, and the luminous hands make it easy to read. The best part? It’s less than $150.

Ascari Two Tone White Link 2020 Edition

Ascari Two Tone White Link 2020 Edition

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Why should girls have all the fun? Here’s one white watch for men we think will stand the test of time. Inspired by racecar driver Alberto Ascari, this two-tone white watch features water resistance up to 100 meters, Seiko VK64 precision movement, and a back engraving of the iconic Ascari racecar. All for less than $200.

Filippo Loreti White Watches: Style, Price, and Beauty

Filippo Loreti we work to give you everything you need at a price you want. Get handmade quality, one-of-a-kind designs, and precision timing in a style you love. We don’t make your watch until you order it, so you know what you’re getting is brand new and top quality. Get your white watch today, and leave your home in style tomorrow.