Best Men Watches Under 300$ in 2022

Best Men Watches Under 300$ in 2022 - Filippo Loreti
Let's say you could only wear one accessory for the rest of your life. What will you choose? For me, it would be a watch. After all, nothing's as functional, practical, elegant, and versatile as a watch. But most importantly, the watch industry offers a lot of high-end men's luxury watches that won't cost us a fortune.
So, whether you're into automatic or red watches for men, there's a timepiece that fits your preferences and budget. If you need a new addition to your collection, here are the best watches for men under $300 in 2022.

Ascari Monza Two Tone Black Gold Steel

Nothing states luxury and elegance better than a black and gold watch. So, if you can't pick between black and gold, you can always choose both. Sleek and sporty, the Ascari Two Tone Gold Steel Link is a sight to behold with its black-gold chronograph dial inspired by Italian F1 champion Alberto Ascari.
Powered by Seiko VK63 movement, this watch features a black textured dial with gold markings and a gilded tachymeter bezel that gives it a sporty vibe. On the case-back is a 3D image of Ascari's Lancia D50, a nod to the champion's legacy on the race track. This watch is finished with a silver-gold stainless steel strap to guarantee luxurious comfort. 

Odyssey Two Tone Green Link


Mens stainless steel watches are a classic favorite. Pair it with a green dial, and you have a unique watch that looks stunning from any angle.
Combining steel's ruggedness with the warmth of gold and the elegance of green, the Odyssey Two Tone Green Link is a fun and sophisticated watch made more luxurious by its gold accents and 10ATM water resistance.

Venice Moonphase Silver

If you want something dressy and more formal, go for mens leather band watches. The Venice Moonphase Silver displays ultimate class with its silver dial featuring a moonphase complication at six o'clock.
It's incredibly versatile as well. Wear it with a suit or pair it with your favorite shirt and jeans. Whatever you choose, you'll look dashing with this watch. But this watch is not just about versatility. It's also durable as it comes with scratch-resistant sapphire glass that protects its dial from the elements. 

Okeanos Blue Steel Link

Need a versatile piece that goes well with anything? Then, you should probably start looking for blue watches for men. Whether your outfit is formal or smart casual, blue watches like the Okeanos Blue Steel Link will add that extra coolness to your style. A minimalist blue watch inspired by the Titan God Oceanus, the
Okeanos Blue Steel Link oozes nautical vibes with its rich blue dial and luminescent details. It also sports a unidirectional rotating bezel for measuring diving time. For the ultimate versatility, it comes with a stainless steel strap that feels and looks elegant on the wrist. And the best part? It's 10ATM water resistant, allowing you to keep track of time in style anytime, anywhere.

Ocean Midnight Automatic

If you need an eco-friendly watch that fits any style, you'll never go wrong with this timepiece. Designed for the eco-conscious, the Ocean Midnight Automatic features a solid case made of recycled ocean plastic. It also sports a recycled nylon strap that is skin-friendly and fits any wrist, making it one of the finest automatic watches for men today.
This watch offers superb performance in water and on land, thanks to its 5ATM water resistance, reflector ring with slope, and matte blue dial with luminous details. It's also available in solar movement.

Okeanos Classic White Link

Classic watches are offered in different styles, but they all have one thing in common – they'll never go out of style. The Okeanos Classic White Link is your go-to option for classic watches for men. Designed for daily wear, this watch features a silver dial that runs on Miyota 2025 movement.
The monochrome color of this watch makes it ideal for both formal and casual work. Furthermore, the stainless steel bracelet looks elegant on the wrist without being overpowering or too flashy.

The above mentioned options look just as great as expensive watches for men, but without the cost of one. So, what are you waiting for? Choose one of these watches and let your style speak for you.