5 reasons you need an automatic watch

Venice Rose Gold Automatic watch

In the world of timepieces there is a very obvious dividing line between quartz watches and automatic. Cross the line to automatic and you’ve entered a world of finely made modern masterpieces. From the craftsmanship to the style, here are 5 reasons you need an automatic watch.

1. You’re investing in the heritage and legacy of watchmaking 

When you buy an automatic watch, you’re not just buying a watch, you’re investing in the heritage and legacy of watchmaking. Because of their advanced technical attributes, automatic watches are sought after by collectors and desired by watch-lovers.

Venice Automatic Rose Gold Blue watch with Mesh strap

2. It will hold value over time 

When building a watch collection, you must choose pieces that you not only like to look at, but that will hold their value over time. And that is why automatic watches are such wise investments. As soon as you purchase an automatic watch, especially a limited edition one, the value almost always increases. They only get more valuable with age and will be passed down between generations.

Automatic watch dial

3. An automatic lasts forever

Because of the technical functionality, an automatic watch lasts forever. They’re powered by the movement of the wearer and require no battery so the self-running watches will keep ticking for as long as the owner keeps wearing it.

Okeanos Automatic Two tone black link watch

4. They’re synonymous with quality craftsmanship 

All the details of an automatic watch are more expensive and complex than their quartz counterparts which makes them synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. An elaborate chain of gears, springs, and rotating weights keep automatic watches going, and the Venice Automatic uses up to 200 different components. Because of this complicated functionality, automatic watches utilize expert watchmakers with specific expertise. 

5. They never go out of style

While batteries might have replaced some automatic watches, an automatic watch will still give outfits an elevated sense of style that other watches never could. These timeless pieces have stuck around through changes in fashion trends and advances in technology because ultimately, automatic watches transcend any fads. They’re the ultimate marker of style and always will be. 

Now what you know the benefits and features of an automatic watch, why not take a look at the Venice Automatic Collection for yourself? The craftsmanship and iconic design make this a very special watch.