3 Characteristics that differentiate a timepiece from a watch

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For those who strictly adhere to rules, conventions, and definitions there may appear to be no difference between a watch and a timepiece.

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However, in the words of Ian Flemming, the creator of the debonair and suave British secret agent, James Bond, "A gentleman's choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row suit."

On the other hand, to those who prefer practicality over the whimsical - and according to the Merriam Webster dictionary - a timepiece is defined as, 'a device (such as a clock or watch) to measure or show the progress of time...' But, as most of us are aware, there is more to life than practicality.

The word timepiece may - rightly or wrongly - give the impression of grandeur, exclusivity, or even snobbishness. But that is an incorrect assumption. 

So what really does differentiate a timepiece from a watch? Plus, why does the ownership of a timepiece illustrate a person's outlook or status in life more than a watch?

The fine art of craftsmanship

We can all conjure up the image of a craftsperson at their workbench, a magnifying glass in hand, painstakingly examining their creation for flaws or imperfections. This image is never more accurate than in the perfection of a premium timepiece.

Timepieces are created using only the finest of materials, employing exacting precision and the greatest attention to detail.

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At Filippo Loreti our master craftsmen continuously expand the quality of their creations by exploring new materials, new techniques, and by developing lasting relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, and designers.

Working closely with the in-house designers, Filippo Loreti craftsmen, ensure that both design and creation are a symbiotic relationship leading to the perfection of the highest quality timepieces.

As with the creations of all great craftspeople, the Filippo Loreti final product is unique and limited in edition ensuring an exclusivity expected from the hands of a master.

Such is the ingrained belief in the work of the craftsman, Filippo Loreti premium timepieces are presented with a 10-year international warranty. A true artist will always stand over their work.

Functionality - the demand for more

Timepieces, as opposed to watches, possess greater, and more unique functionality.

For those who don’t require the additional attributes and functions of a timepiece, watches are simpler, lacking the complications - those unique functions which go towards making a timepiece more than just a keeper of time.

Quality engineered timepieces are likely to feature such complications as chronographs; Moon-phases, calendars, date windows, time zone indicators, and water resistance. This added functionality adds both value and style to the design and appeal of every quality timepiece.

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Watches, on the other hand, limit their functionality, at most, to a date or day window, strictly binding their usefulness to the measurement of seconds and hours.

Complications in luxury timepieces are never added as an afterthought. They are interwoven into the integral appearance and design of the timepiece as a complete, and perfect marriage of art and engineering.

Design in detail

Timepieces, like humans, come with unique personalities. 

From the outset, the entire design process takes into account the philosophy which the timepiece will come to represent in its finished form on the wrist of the wearer. Filippo Loreti timepieces are designed to reflect the style, ambitions, statements, and unique attributes of its owner.

A well-chosen timepiece will visually represent the personality of the wearer, be that in subtlety or luxury.

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Drawn from the classic periods of the Roman Empire, every Filippo Loreti timepiece is infused with the art, history, and culture of both ancient and modern Italian style. Everyone is a limited-edition masterpiece, a premium item that should be worn with the pride imbued by its designers and craftsmen.

Watches that are mass-produced rarely convey such unique style and quality as those represented by a classic timepiece

Just as the owner of a Filippo Loreti is unique in their outlook to life, every timepiece from the exclusive collection of timepieces is intrinsically unique to its owner.

A premium timepiece is an heirloom to cherish

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More than just a means of keeping account of the passing seconds, minutes, and hours in our daily lives all Filippo Loreti timepieces become timeless heirlooms. Handed from generation to generation the owner's personality remains intact through the years, recalling moments from the past and the aspirations of the wearer. 

Time may pass, but the qualities which justified the purchase of a premium timepiece will live on forever.