Five Incredible Refinements To Our Iconic Venice Series

Five Incredible Refinements To Our Iconic Venice Series - Filippo Loreti

 Hi, Danielius here!

Life is constantly busy here at Filippo Loreti. In addition to creating new and distinctive watches for our satisfied customers around the globe, we’re always looking for ways to make our existing product range even better.

So, I’m excited to share some updates we’ve made in the latest production run of our popular Venice Quartz and Venice Automatic series. The entire Filippo Loreti team is proud of these refinements and I know you’re going to love them as much as we do.

The most significant change was upgrading the movement of our beloved Venice Quartz series, to the renowned Caliber 6P00 movement. Created by Miyota, the Japanese maker universally acclaimed for the accuracy of its movements, the 6P00 adds one of the most well known and widely-appreciated complications on the market — the moonphase indicator. To mark the achievement, we’ve renamed this range the Venice Moonphase Series.

Moonphases have captivated artists and astronomers for centuries, and form the basis for the calendars of many religions worldwide, including the Jewish and Muslim faiths. Now, with just a glimpse at your wrist, you’ll be able to observe the changing phases of the moon as it “waxes” (increases in size) towards a full moon, before decreasing or “waning” again, ready to begin the next lunar cycle.

Moonphases are caused by the Earth’s shadow falling across the moon’s surface, and they change as the moon orbits the planet. Each cycle or “lunar month” lasts approximately 29 and a half days. This fascinating video from NASA documents the procession of the moon’s phases over an entire year.


Case Upgrades

All models in the Venice Moonphase and Venice Automatic series now feature tapered lugs (the parts that connect the body of the watch case to the straps). These new lugs are curved and beveled, creating a more elegant, modern appearance, and enabling it to conform even more precisely to the shape of your wrist. On models such as the matt-black Venice Black Automatic model, the beveled outside edge of the lugs has been polished to provide a subtle contrast in texture. 

The thickness of the bezel, viewed from the front, has been reduced to visually place its trademark dial front-and-centre. The bezel now also features a slight curvature, enabling it to better reflect light and highlight its modern design aesthetic.

Filippo Loreti Venice Collection

From now on, all watches in the Venice and Venice Automatic series will also feature highly scratch-resistant sapphire glass as standard issue, with an anti-reflective coating applied to the inside of the glass.

Stunning 3D Back Plate

Another change to the Venice Moonphase and Venice Automatic series that I really love is the new case backs. Instead of the previous see-through option for automatics and etching for quartz models, the entire collection has been upgraded to stunning 3D bas-relief artwork depicting the spectacular Basilica di San Marco in Venice — the original inspiration for the collection.

Filippo Loreti Moonphase Gold Blue

The intricate dual finish — polished and satin — of the 3D bas-relief fuses traditional craftsmanship with a touch of design history, ensuring the Venice collection gives you something to admire even when it’s not on your wrist. 

Fine-tuning Of The Dial

We’ve also reimagined the dial of the Venice Moonphase and Venice Automatic series, delivering a substantial visual update to its look and feel. This includes the addition of concentric circular “disc” texture to the sub-dials, making them even more alluring when the watch face catches the light. 

To highlight these attractive new design features, we’ve made the beveled hour indices evenly-sized, allowing the sub-dials a little more “room to breathe.”


We’ve also chosen a typeface that subtly enhances the readability of the three sub-dials at 9, 12 and 3 o'clock (indicating day of week, month, and date, respectively).

The dial of the Venice Automatic series has been enhanced with an upgraded day-and-night indicator and a new four-part power reserve indicator, each block indicating an interval of ten hours.

The day-night indicator now features a medieval sun printed on its wheel — an upgrade we’re particularly pleased with because we implemented it after discussing the design with our community. The elegant three-dimensional gear-shaped pattern on the wheel really draws your eye in.

Last But Not Least… The Hands

In January, when visiting our manufacturing partner in Shenzhen to coordinate production of our second collection, I was delighted to be introduced to a manufacturer who produced very high-end, dual-finished watch hands. Impressed by their expertise and the quality of their products, I got in touch with them once again when the time came to prepare our third collection.

The result of this collaboration is the new, dual-finished “dauphine” hands you’ll find on the latest edition of our Venice Moonphase and Venice Automatic series. Elegant, tapered “alpha-shaped” hands of this type are typically found only on watches priced at or above thousands of euros, so we’re incredibly pleased to be able to bring them to our latest Venice collection.

To lend a more reserved identity to the timepieces in our Venice Moonphase series, we’ve removed the second hand. On the Venice Automatic series, the highly polished, sweeping second hand is elegantly complemented by textured dots on the minute track.

Elegance refined

I and the entire team at Filippo Loreti constantly strive to make each of our watch collections better than the one before it. We do this by employing the latest components, techniques, and technologies to craft designs you’ll love to wear.

For that reason, we strongly encourage feedback regarding features you’d like to see in future collections. Write to us any time and share your thoughts. We’re only ever an email away!