How A Love Of Italy Inspired Our Brand

How A Love Of Italy Inspired Our Brand - Filippo Loreti

Co-founder Danielius Jakutis explains why it’s a passion for all things Italian that makes Filippo Loreti tick.


Italy. There’s scarcely a corner of the sun-drenched Mediterranean country that doesn’t captivate the senses. From the bustling piazzas of Rome to the serene waterways of Venice and the flamboyant streets of the nation’s fashion capital of Milan, Italy has captured the hearts and imaginations of artists and travelers for centuries.


Italian Inspiration

It was while I was studying at a leading fashion institute in Florence, home to the world-famous Uffizi gallery, that I first fell in love with Italian culture. I’d already seen a lot of Europe with my brother, Matas. But it was Italy that left the most lasting impression.

I wanted to create a brand that would pay homage to the timelessness of Italian style. And after a pivotal Skype call with Matas, then studying in Britain, we both decided to leave the educational institutions we attended and pursue our passion. The result is Filippo Loreti.


Celebrating culture

Each of our premium watch collections is inspired by one of the many fascinating faces of Italy.

Together, they celebrate Italy’s cities and culture through subtle and refined details — some hidden where only the owner can see them, such as the intricate engravings on the back of every watch case.

Each of our watches is designed in collaboration with premium Swiss designers and handcrafted in Shenzhen, China to our exacting specifications, using highly-acclaimed Japanese Miyota movements. But it’s our pursuit of perfection — our attention to every last detail — that breathes Italian spirit into every Filippo Loreti watch. Every timepiece we produce includes a strap that’s handmade made from the finest quality vegetable-tanned Italian leather, sourced from select suppliers in Florence. And every one of our watches has a story to tell.


Byzantine Basilica

Amid the renowned waterways of Venice lies the magnificent St. Mark’s Basilica, or the Basilica di San Marco. With a history dating back to 828 AD, this masterpiece of Byzantine architecture began as a private chapel for the ruler of Venice, the Doge. Today, tourists from around the world flock to the northern Italian city to gaze upon its opulent gilded mosaics, which from early times have led the church to become known by another name, “Chiesa d’Oro” — the Golden Church.

filippo loreti venice watches

Luxurious, eye-catching, and decadent — these mosaics provide the inspiration for Filippo Loreti’s classic Venice series. The hour indexes, shaped in the form of archs, take inspiration from the intricate facade of Basilica di San Marco.



Roman holiday

Rome — smart, elegant, and brimming with urban cool. The eternal city. Looking down upon Italy’s ancient capital is the Piazza del Campidoglio, a masterwork of urban planning that reshaped the Capitoline Hill into a monumental civic plaza. Nestling between its twin summits, the Piazza is the embodiment of the ancient city’s strength and authority.

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The centerpiece of the square, designed by Michelangelo, is a pavement whose mesmerizing elliptical design provides the inspiration for the faces of Filippo Loreti’s elegant Rome series.


Grand Galleria

Milano. Even its name has a certain music. Home to the famous Scala opera house and the center of Italy’s world-famous fashion industry, it’s a city whose streets are literally brimming with style. Right at its very heart is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – the world’s oldest shopping mall, and a place so familiar to most Milanese that it’s known locally as “Il Salotto di Milano” – the living room of Milan. Not that any of the city’s residents could ever tire of the Galleria’s magnificent architecture.

Designing watches

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Designed in 1861 by architect Giuseppe Mengoni, the Galleria is crowned by a dome spanning almost 40 meters across – a genuine marvel of Italian engineering. Filippo Loreti’s Milano series pays homage to the Galleria’s architectural bravura, with a face that reflects the intricate structure of its famous roof.


The Filippo Loreti Family

Last but not least, we created Filippo Loreti to celebrate the Italian concept that’s closest to home: La Famiglia — the family. When you purchase a Filippo Loreti watch, you receive more than just a timepiece. You become part of the Filippo Loreti family. And like any good family, we’re here to take care of you. There's nothing more worth it, than a Filippo Loreti watch.

Our world-class customer care team ensures you receive the very highest standard of service. Filippo Loreti watches are built to provide decades of faithful service — and we want you to enjoy every second of them.

By owning and wearing one of our unique, Italian-inspired designs, we invite you to share in our passion for all things Italian.

It’s the closest thing to being there.