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Our Inspiration

Described as “the most beautiful lake in the world” by the Huffington Post in 2014, Lake Como is an upscale resort area located in Northern Italy’s Lombardy region.  Known for its dramatic scenery the lake is set against the foothills of the Alps, and is shaped like an upside-down Y with three slender branches flanked by steep, thickly wooded mountainsides that meet at the resort town of Bellagio.  To the north of Lake Como are the Alps, which are snow dusted for most of the year, while along the lakeshore are palm trees next to ornate villas that, in many cases, have origins as far back as the 16th century. 

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One of Italy’s most famous locales, Lake Como is less than an hour away from Milan, and any mention of it immediately brings to mind the glitz and glamour of wealth and abundance.  It is in these tourist sites, as well as the lesser-known villages, and the hamlets with its breathtaking views where the rich and famous have been known to play.  

Known as much for its economic importance, as for its cultural significance, Lake Como is where the wealthy Lombards of nearby Milan relocated in the 16th century in search of native mulberry trees for where their imported Chinese silkworms could thrive on.  Based on the silk empire, the industry built by the Lombards in the area still thrives today with major clothing manufacturers continuing to source their silk from there.  And since these wealthy Milanese merchants were also patrons of the arts, Lake Como is also known as a cultural nursery where some of the most significant artists, composers, and writers from Da Vinci, to Verdi, to Longfellow are known to have created some of their most enduring works.

Our Essence

This is the same cultural allure that drives independent Swiss watchmaker extraordinaire Filippo Loreti.  Borne of a kick-starter campaign in 2015, Filippo Loreti was acquired by 2 European entrepreneurs in 2021, and has since been the epitome of Italian style and glamour by creating timepieces of exceptional detail and quality, but at an equally exceptional price.

Inspired by Lake Como and La Dolce Vita, Filippo Loreti has its Swiss operations in Chiasso, which is a municipality in the district of Mendrision in the canton of Ticino.  The southernmost of Switzerland’s municipalities, Chiasso is on the border with Italy, in front of Ponte Chiasso, a small hamlet of Como,

Italy, the city at the bottom of the southwest branch of Lake Como, which is home to Renaissance architecture and a funicular that travels up to the mountain town of Brunate.   

Recognizing the allure of luxury in the watch market, the founders of Filippo Loreti were determined to set themselves apart. Their quest led them across the globe, traversing Asia to handpick the finest components for crafting exceptional timepieces. By combining meticulous craftsmanship with accessible pricing, Filippo Loreti delivers watches that not only exude style and elegance but also represent remarkable value in the realm of luxury watchmaking


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Known for luxury timepieces without the exorbitant prices, Filippo Loreti produces value-for-money timepieces of the highest quality by, not only being one of the only watchmakers that is entirely vertically integrated, sourcing the best components from Asia to achieve the best products at the most exceptional prices, but is also capable of undercutting “luxury” level prices by utilizing direct selling.  This means everything at Filippo Loreti is done in-house including manufacturing, marketing, and direct selling, which are sales that occur between a brand and an end-user without a middleman or distributor.

The epitome of affordable luxury, Filippo Loreti has succeeded in “democratizing” luxury by eschewing the snobbery of the “luxury tax” designed purely to satisfy an egoistic desire for “exclusivity.”  Watches with nosebleed price tags are seen as status symbols for the wealthy upper class, so prices are dramatically inflated.  Filippo Loreti gets around this by being vertically integrated in Asia, by which it is able to source the best watch materials and components at affordable prices, as well as by foregoing expensive marketing campaigns to focus on delivering affordable luxury direct to the consumer’s door.


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An exceptional example of this is the Ascari collection, Filippo Loreti’s flagship line inspired by Italian racing driver and two-time Formula One World Champion, Alberto Ascari.  Bearing all the hallmarks of a true luxury timepiece, the Ascari collection is the result of innovative watchmaking made from innovative watch materials.  These are also the hallmarks of all the other timepieces that emerge from the Filippo Loreti manufactory floors such as the Filippo Loreti Venice Moon Phase, another watch inspired by the Italian dolce vita, specifically the beautiful city of Venice and its many historical attractions.

About Us

Filippo Loreti is a luxury watch brand that seamlessly blends timeless Italian design with contemporary craftsmanship. Renowned for its high-quality, sophisticated timepieces at accessible prices, it caters to a wider audience, democratizing luxury watches.

Revolutionizing the industry, Filippo Loreti breaks away from traditional markups, offering premium, stylish, and durable watches without compromise. With a focus on exceptional value, quality, and design excellence, the brand aims to redefine luxury watch ownership for its discerning customers.